Home Renovations to Consider This Year


Home renovation projects help you improve the property and enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Most of the spring and summer projects that add value to the indoors and the outdoors as well help in sprucing up your home.

However, you need to focus on the current trends to make your project a success and not end up making changes that will leave you to regret later. Most of the home upgrades also add value to your property and are good selling points for home buyers. Here are some of the most profitable additions to your home that are trending this year.

Adding Extra Floor Space

Housing market trends in the U.S. and elsewhere have translated to low inventory and additional finished floor space sue to higher price per square foot. This means adding extra finished floor space to your homes will help in making the home look larger while boosting its value in the long run. From finishing your basement to taking down an interior wall or even repurposing a room, there are many ways to add more space to your home.

Repurposing Existing Space

Instead of investing in on-grade additions to create space, home owners can work with the available space to make it more livable. Try turning a family room into a study space for the entire family as this trend is gaining momentum lately. Moving the doorways or taking down an entire wall is also a good idea to repurpose space and makes for smooth transition inside the home. Use different colours and décor to mark different uses such as having a separate dining area near the kitchen.

Maximising Comfort

Who doesn’t want to spend some relaxing time after a hectic day at work? And outdoor spaces help you do just that. Patios, decks and outdoor kitchens and even greenhouses are some of the ways to spend some quality time outdoors while also maximizing your comfort. These outdoor spaces can be both places of enjoyment for the complete family while also being entertaining. Outdoor renovations are considered as the second most popular among home improvement projects.

Including Energy-Efficient Updates

Any home renovation that promotes energy efficiency is never out of date. An extra layer of insulation, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and new windows all make the home more comfortable while also increasing the property’s value and decreasing the maintenance costs. Lower utility bills for cooling, heating and electricity also mean more long-term savings. Such improvements make a home more attractive to potential home buyers where energy audits are required for listing a house.

Adding a Second Entrance

Owing to the recent rise in short-term rentals on rental websites, most of the home owners are renting out their homes during the peak tourist season to cover their mortgage costs. Adding a second entrance to a home ensures privacy for both the owners and the renters while also providing exclusive access to both. Including an accessory building which can be either rented out or used by the guests is another option. Consider to keep these points in mind while making home renovations.