Home Improvement Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Home Improvement Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger


Everyone living in a small space always wishes it to be a bit bigger. While we cannot increase the space, we can however at least make it appear look big with some clever home improvement ideas.

Rearranging the furniture, painting the interiors with the suitable colours and even replacing some furniture pieces can do much difference when it comes to improving the interior space in a home. Here are some of the best tips that will make you think that small space improvement is a lot easier than you actually think.

Do Not Overcrowd Furniture

There are some furniture must-haves like a sofa and a table in the living room. Then there is also the fireplace that you cannot do without. Again, there are some pieces like a recliner and lounger that do not fit well into a small room. Whatever furniture you use, make sure that it is proportionate with the area and has enough room without brushing up the boundaries. Avoid, weighty and large pieces that eat up space and go for sleek chairs and sofas to create more space.

Prefer Low-Lying Furniture

Furniture that is lower to the ground creates a feeling of more openness as it leaves more space above it. If you are going for this type of furniture and still want to adorn the walls with paintings or mirrors, make sure that they are slung low to create an open feeling inside the room. Mid-century pieces including beds and sofas are very low to the ground and are perfect options for bed and living rooms in small homes.

Do Not Use Rugs and Drapes

Ditching the drapes and rugs will make the space look more uncluttered and help in keeping the space simple. Rugs give a feeling of more ‘stuff’ inside the room and curtains block the outside view and make the rooms appear dark which is a minus when space is scarce. If at all you want to use curtains, choose a light and breezy fabric and right colour and make sure that the curtain rod extends beyond the window. Even if you pull the curtain, you can completely expose the window to make the room appear bigger.

Use Mirrors

Making a small space look bigger depends a lot about how you are good at tricking the eye. As you have seen with the drapes and rugs, placing large mirrors opposite to the windows and doors or at an angle to their placement makes the light reflect all over the room. More light makes the room seem bigger. Mirrors create a sense of openness as they reflect the light and view which makes us perceive that there is more space.

Use the Right Paints

Light coloured paints like white and other light shades are known for their reflective qualities and in creating more openness inside an otherwise small room. They also make the room appear more calm and serene while making the atmosphere inside light and airy. Furthermore, painting both the walls and ceiling in the same colour enhances the effect more with its cloud-like effect. Light colours are also good at emphasizing the architecture of the house while also adding simplicity to the house.

The bottom line is to keep it simple and avoid adding more possessions to the room where there isn’t enough space. It will make the place look cluttered and disorganized. Avoid busy patterns, adding too many knickknacks and too bold colours. Being strict with your feelings and intentional about everything that goes into the room is all that makes the difference.