Gardening and Landscaping Trends for 2018


Most of the home owners believe that a beautiful garden or a yard is a result of investing a lot of money into beautifying the home. However there are some gardening and landscaping trends that will give you new ideas about revamping your garden without burning a hole in the wallet.

A personal garden can be a place of retreat and enhances the family time together. Keeping up with the trends in landscaping design not only ensures that your home is up to date but also adds value to the property. So what are you waiting for? Explore the latest and best trends in gardening and start implementing now.

Add a Place for Retreat

Most home owners are looking to the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation and are creating specific spaces to do so. A sitting area or a privacy landscape feature that allows you to wind down after a hectic day can be a great addition to the backyard. This place can also be used to meditate or indulge in some yoga practice within the comfort of your home.

Add Water Features

Small reflecting pools and water fountains are not only a treat to the eyes, they also make great retreat places in the garden. In addition, these natural elements also help you many benefits of relaxation while also being a valuable and beautiful landscaping features. Most of the home owners are spending more on this one of the latest design trends which also adds to the home’s value.

Include Garden Walls

Most of us always dream of having our own vegetable and herb garden but often give away due to the restricted space in our homes. However, vertical gardens or garden walls can be created to add beauty to the garden while also giving us fresh produce during the season. Plant containers and garden pots can be grown vertically either on a concrete wall with minimum modification or with free standing units.

Create Majestic Pathways

Garden pathways are brilliant features that add beauty to the garden and can be laid using different materials like stones, mosaic and tiles. Most of the garden paths use a mix of colours and material to further add a whimsical look to the garden. When seen against the greenery and the mulch, they make a great feature while also protecting the lawn from the frequent wear and tear.

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

Picnics are always fun when everyone in the family is involved. Adding a dining are to the outdoors will make this a frequent occasion where you can spend some quality time with the family while enjoying the beautiful space. In addition, they also bring luxury if outdoor furniture is added to the patio or the small pergola in the garden.