Clever Ways to Decorate Empty Corners In Your Home


While making the most of every inch in your home can be a quite challenging task, there are some smart decorating ideas to beautify the empty corners that we often have no idea about what to do with. This is probably because empty corners are the most unused spaces inside a home and are kind of awkward places to start decorating with.

But there are a lot of possibilities to revamp the unused corners and give them an all-new look with just a little thought and creativity. Here are some of the best ways on decorating empty corners inside your home to make them look more inviting.

Build Corner Shelves

One of the best things with empty corners is that they have a lot of unused space that can be transformed in an instant with the right makeover. Build your own corner shelves in an empty corner to display books or other knick knacks like small sculptures or trophies. You can even customise the space with a weekend DIY project to turn a dull space into a livelier one.

Fake a Playroom

Transform a bare and unused corner into a fairy tale type enchanting playhouse for your kids to spend their play time. You can even add pictures and create specific themes taking inspiration from their favourite cartoon or movie characters to make it more appealing to the eyes. But don’t just limit your imagination to fix a toy box in the place. Instead a compact shelving unit that can be even used to store play things.

Get Space Fitting Cabinets

If the corners are small, it can be quite difficult to squeeze in the storage. Sometimes, it may seem almost impossible to use small corners for storing things. But, a space fitting cabinet that is triangular in shape and which can be custom-made offers all the possibilities from storing books or other belongings to even displaying any potted plants in the most elegant way possible.

Get a Hammock

Placing a hammock in the hammer has the double benefits of using the place to read a book in your free time just to use the place for displaying the décor with all the beautiful contrast and colour of the hammock. However, the corners need to be a bit wide to accommodate the hammock. If the space permits, fix a wall shelf so that you can pick your favourite book to read while unwinding in the hammock.

Create a Nursery

Carving out a nursery out of the corner is probably the best way to make us of the empty space. Put some bold and colourful wall art or a wall decal to make the place more appealing to the kids and even to the onlookers. This not only helps in making a big statement for the small space available but can also carve out a nursery and a favourite place for the kids to spend time.

Create a Small Closet

If there are any empty corners inside your bedroom and just in case you are looking to get another wardrobe to fit in all the extra clothes that you have accumulated over time, creating a small closet in the corner can come in handy to store your clothes and other paraphernalia. In addition to providing more storage space, it will also make the room appear more organized and creative.