Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Bedroom is the place where you return after a tiring day. It is like that cozy personal space that should have any hindrance. More importantly, it should be the place where you sleep soundly, have a comfortable rest and also get to interact and share private moments with your loved ones.

Bedroom is your very intimate area of operation and its best when you design it according to your own specifications. No expensive professional can ever appropriately understand your style and you might never be completely satisfied with the way your bedroom looks. Here are some amazing and simple ways to follow bedroom decorating ideas.

Bedroom Colour

One of the most beautiful bedroom decorating ideas is so colour it with light pastel shades or fill up the walls with starry wallpapers that look like sky. You can also stick the easily available radium stickers that shine in the dark and make it appear like the sky. Nothing better than the feeling of sleeping directly under the blue sky, right?

Size of Your Bed

While deciding upon the bedroom decorating ideas, you have to choose a right sized bed. Cover it with fine and soft bed covers. You can make them yourself if you have a hand at stitching or knitting. The bed covers should preferably be light in colour as they let out a soothing effect which is very necessary to have while you sleep.

Customize Pillows, Cushions And Quills

One of the romantic gestures you can pitch in your bedroom decorating ideas is to put on lots of pillows and cushions of various sizes and shapes. You can also pick up the customized “he” and “me”  heart shaped cushions and add up to the romantic factor of the bedroom. Go for soft fabric and light weight quills and covers for the cold. Have them in the design of your choice. Be it floral, cartooned or with geometric patterns.

Personal Work Space

One great bedroom decorating ideas is to make it a personal workspace. If you want to have a little work space in the bed room, pick a quiet corner where there is ample of natural light. Place a simple desk and chair with a night lamp. Keep your gadgets like the pc or tablets handy and make sure there are plug points to charge these devices. Also, you can pick a table with plenty of chests to hold your stationery and documents if any.

Entertainment Unit

If you are an entertainment person, fit in a nice entertainment unit in your bedroom where you can watch a show or cheer for a match right from your bed. You can use the wall opposite to your bed for better experience but make sure it is at a right distance so that you do not damage your eyes. You can also pick up the wireless headphone to have a personal theatre type experience.