5 Essential Decorating Tips to Update Your Living Room


The living room is the first room we show to our guests and it is probably the most important room in the house where we spend a lot of time between entertaining and gathering together. In that, it should be both beautiful and functional and a lot of design choices go into turning it into one.

Perfect living room decoration draws you in and compels you to stay. However, it’s a stressful proposition to bring in all the design elements while providing all the comfort and entertainment it needs. There are several steps involved in making the living room a truly dreamy place in the home. Here are some of the best living room decoration tips that will guide you to make it more beautiful.

1. Bring in Right Furniture

Right furniture can make or break the living room and it offers a great opportunity in updating the room altogether. See if there’s anything inside the room that’s been staying for a long time and needs to be replaced with what’s fresh in the market. Make sure that the furniture is both appealing as it is functional. The key is to bring in the right furniture pieces that fit naturally into the room.

2. Create a Focal Point

A focal point is the place inside your living room where people’s eyes first fall as they enter the room – and it should be rather captivating. Highlight a large painting or mantle or even a sculpture by using natural light during the day and with accent lighting at nights. Then, decorate the room around the piece to create a cohesive feel while making sure that you don not overdo it.

3. Balance the Looks and Function

There’s no meaning if the room looks all beautiful and doesn’t have proper functionality. For example, a large and stylish couch inside the room is of no use if it is not comfortable. While it is okay to make the room appear more dazzling, it is as much important that suits your lifestyle. The most important point here is to transform the room into a space where you want to hang out for long hours.

4. Pay Attention to Lighting

This doesn’t mean that you have to bring in each and every lighting fixture that suits your room but that the room should look well lit both day and night. A living place that has abundant natural light highlights all the elements of the room while making it appear larger and cosier. Task lighting and accent lighting that blend well into the home décor should also be taken into consideration.

5. Pick the Right Colour

A perfect colour scheme is the key to make your home, and the living room, appear more aesthetic. An eye-catching appeal can be achieved both by a colour palette that naturally blends into the home or even by mixing and matching different combination of colours to bring in a more energetic feel. Neutral colours like mustard yellow and beige make the room appear harmonious.