Ways to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy


Birth control/contraception is the most commonly used method to avoid pregnancy in women. In birth control, one may use various drugs, devices, agents, surgical procedures, medications or sexual practices intentionally in order to prevent childbirth.

Traditionally, to protect against pregnancy, people used to either avoid penis-in-vagina intercourse or pull out the penis out of the vagina when the male counterpart was about to have an orgasm. These methods are now replaced by modern birth control methods that have been giving effective results. Contraception, where fertilization of an ovum by sperm cells is prevented at the earliest, has been accepted in various parts of the world as the best way to avoid pregnancy. Of the many birth control methods available, here is the list of few ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive pill or birth control pill is a highly effective method of birth control/contraception and is taken orally by women. The pill falls into the hormonal contraception category as it contains hormones like Oestrogen and Progestogen. Male contraceptive pills are also under development, so as to stop the generation of healthy sperms, thereby terminating the chances of pregnancy.


Condoms act as a mechanical barrier from letting sperms enter the vagina. There are condoms available for both men and women; however, male condoms are the most popular. A male condom is made of polyurethane or latex and it looks like deflated balloons. They also give high protection from sexually transmitted diseases.


Spermicides are chemical agents available in the form of foaming tablets, creams, foam or gel. These help to kill the sperm and prevent it from entering the cervix area of the female body. Spermicides are not very effective to stop a pregnancy when used alone but can give the best results when applied along with a male condom.

The Morning-after Pill

The morning-after pill is an emergency contraceptive pill used when females have unprotected sex, but want to avoid pregnancy. It should be taken orally within 24 hours and can work for even 72 hours after sex. However, this method is not considered very effective and can have its own side effects.

Birth control/contraception helps to keep away from other expensive, serious and illegal methods such as abortion. With birth control, the size of families can be reduced, helping the parents focus more on their existing children.