Simple Steps to Increase Your Life Expectancy


We all want to live a long life but often pay less attention to the quality of life. Being healthy is just as important as the length and there are many ways to live a healthy and long life that begin with some simple steps.

While the role of our genes only accounts to one third of our life expectancy, the rest depends on our lifestyle. What we do, eat and drink, and the risks we take all have an impact on the quality and length of our lives and most of the time it is our decisions that determine how long we live. The good is that most of the steps involved in increasing life expectancy are very simple and can be started right away. So all you need is some dedication to include these simple yet powerful habits to make part of your daily life.

Hang Out with Friends

Staying more connected promotes overall health. Having positive relationships with your spouse, family and friends helps in staying connected. More positive relationships in life means that you are less likely to develop risky behaviours and more likely to care of yourselves. Having caring people around you even reduces the amount of stress and this is why people with positive relationships have better health and better life expectancy.

Exercise Daily

Your commitment to daily exercise is not only the way to better health, but it also improves life expectancy and energy levels. Studies suggest that people who exercise regularly have DNA and cells that are almost nine years younger compared to those who didn’t exercise. It doesn’t mean that you have to sign up for a gym or buy expensive gym equipment. Even simple activities like jogging can have a lot of benefits. In fact, jogging for even an hour each week can increase the lifespan by six years.


Stress is the last thing you need when it comes to increasing your life expectancy. And there is nothing like spending a few minutes alone in meditation that focuses on positive and calming thoughts. Meditation is also known to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Meditation is also known to increase the production of life-enhancing hormones such as melatonin, serotonin and other feel-healthy hormones that further help in increasing overall health.

Get Enough Sunlight

Many studies indicate that loss of vitamin D is the primary cause behind a lot of diseases. It plays an important role in protecting us from many health issues including heart diseases, diabetes and most of the other diseases known to man. Getting enough vitamin D also helps in regulating the levels of melatonin hormone which stabilizes our moods and controls the sleep-wake cycle. Just sitting beside a glass window at your home or office is simply isn’t enough as they have UV layer protection. Get outside, preferably in the mornings, for at least 30 minutes every day to get good exposure to Sun.

Be Like a Vegetarian

The three factors that people benefit from being vegetarian are less bad fats, lower weight and more antioxidants. The reason behind being more vegetarian increasing the life expectancy is that eating vegetables avoids unhealthy fats and in turn helps in reducing heart related diseases. But being vegetarian doesn’t mean that you can just gulp down pizzas and ice cream all day long. It means that you need to eat more veggies cooked in healthy oils like olive oil. In addition, people who eat more vegetables get a lot of antioxidants and also maintain a healthy weight. All plusses for a healthy and long life.

Have More Sex

Life expectancy can be increased by having more sex. While the issues around sex and healthy aging are still being considered by the medical community, studies indicate that men who have more frequent orgasms show more than 50 per cent reduction in mortality. There’s more to it. One reason could be that happy people have sex more frequently due to good, positive relationships. Sex also triggers all kinds of hormones and endorphins in the body that help in healthy aging and in turn aid in increasing the life expectancy.

Floss Daily

You might be wondering what flossing daily has to do with increasing life expectancy. If you don’t floss, your gums become inflamed. When gums are inflamed, you have chronic bacterial infection that will be passed on to the arteries through the gums. This results in building plaque in the arteries. The body responds to the plaque and starts immune response which caused inflammation in the mouth. This inflammation causes the arteries to narrow. Narrowing of the arteries makes it hard for the heart to pump blood as it should and ultimately leads to heart diseases. So instead of pondering too much, just do it as you should.

Quit Smoking

Life expectancy of a smoker when compared to that of a non-smoker almost differs by 10 years. However, quitting smoking before the age of forty will decrease the risk of death by heart related diseases by almost 90 percent. Even many studies have asserted the increased risk of diseases and death that is associated with smoking cigarettes. Respiratory diseases, lung cancer, stroke and coronary heart diseases are all associated with smoking and a reduction in the life span. So quit smoking, if you haven’t already, to reduce the effects of smoking and live a healthy and long life.

Regular Screenings and Tests

Having regular medical tests and health screenings is one of the effective ways to a longer life expectancy. Regular health check-ups will not only help in recognising a disease before its onset, but also helps in treating the diseases early and more effectively. We’ve all probably heard that prevention is always better than cure. So it is time to make a plan to prevent the diseases and get everything checked for a longer life expectancy.