Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working for Your Weight Loss


We all have probably heard many times people complaining about not reaching their weight loss goals effectively even after trying for months together. So why’s the diet working even after doing everything right? It looks like you are continuously putting on weight or not losing it even after doing everything right.

The reasons might be many and not just one. Maybe your fitness plan isn’t just right or the weight loss plan or exercise that you are trying is not actually meant for your body type. The secret to successful weight loss is choosing the right energy balance. Is that all? It is actually much more complicating to reach your weight loss goals that you think as there are many factors involved in losing weight successfully. Here are some of the reasons why your diet isn’t working towards your weight loss.

Your Hunger

One of the most obvious reasons that we eat is due to feeling hungry. But, more often, it is not why we eat but how and what we eat to control our hunger pangs. If you tend to eat frequently and consume meals that are too big, you need to make change to your food choice. While curbing hunger with different food choices is suggested, picking foods that are high in fiber and proteins is the best way to stay satiated for long. This will help you feel full for longer periods of time.


When you are bored or just looking for a distraction from a dull day at home, you are prone to mindless eating. It is in fact one of the most common reasons why people eat even when they are not hungry. To deal with this quick, find a distraction other than food like going for a walk or doing some household chores or even calling a friend for a chat.

Pitfalls of Low Fat Food

Anyone who is on a weight loss diet knows that low fat food is the best choice. Conversely, foods that have a high fat content are more satisfying than the low fat versions and we tend to snack on them often. The solution to this problem is to stick to a small bite and make sure that it is low on calories. Use portion control techniques and moderation if at all you have to have a bite of high fat foods.

Frequency of Meals

We all have probably heard that eating more small meals throughout the day is much better than eating three big meals per day. The reason behind this is that when you eat three meals a day, you’re probably hungry between the meals and snack more often. Instead, having calorie-controlled meals and snacks will help in achieving your weight loss goals faster.

Stress and Fatigue

We tend to manage our emotions with food most of the time as the food seems like providing us the comfort that we need. It gives us a sense of control over stress while providing some enjoyment. But, all those comfort calories will soon add up on your scale. This kind of emotional eating is not only bad for the weight loss program but also for the overall health. Instead, consider any alternative options to control stress like taking up some yoga classes or joining a gym.

It can be a real pain to try and find the exact reason why the diet isn’t working. But, it is as much important to know as what factors are contributing for weight gain or failed weight loss goals. If found and treated well, they can help you keep up your dieting vows to slim down effectively.