Low-Impact Exercises for seniors


Staying fit and healthy is a secret to a longer and younger looking life. It is never too late for anybody to start working out with respect to their ages.

Exercising on a regular basis keeps the body active, strong, flexible and balanced and benefits senior health. Hence, it is highly advisable for seniors to stop whining about their old age and carry out a work-out regimen suitable for them. Here is a quick list of best low-impact exercises for seniors.


Walking is the simplest and best exercise to start with. All you need is a pair of walking shoes and track suites, and you are up for a healthy life. Walking benefits the body in many ways such as it relieves stress, rejuvenates the body and loosens up your muscles and joints while also reducing any unwanted fats from the body.


Swimming is an extremely low impact exercise for seniors as it improves flexibility and endurance, relieves stress from bones and joints and stretches muscles of the body. It has completely low risk of injuries and helps to keep the body fit and toned.


Yoga is the next best low-impact exercise for seniors. It not only improves the physical fitness but also helps to balance mental strength. Seniors can carry out basic Yoga postures to develop strength, flex the body and balance mental state and release stress.


Stretching is a best low impact exercise when seniors wish to not indulge in heavy and stressful workout sessions. Different stretching exercises concentrate on different parts of the body and helps in being flexible and releasing stress.

Water Aerobics

If simple swimming isn’t much fun, seniors can definitely try water aerobics. This low impact exercise combines cardiovascular exercise routines with strength training for muscles that sums up to a full-body workout. It is quite famous among the old citizens.


It might not seem to be much of an exercise but it is perfect for seniors. It is an outdoor game that allows you to socialize and make friends. Golfing stretches your muscles in arms hips and abdominal areas along with requiring you to walk small or long distances depending upon your stroke.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an exercise that emphasizes on meditation with slow transition from one pose to another. It is similar to Yoga and helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. It happens to be a good option for low-impact exercise for seniors.


Pilates is modernized exercise that is meant for people who are recommended to not jump around; hence perfect for seniors. Pilates focuses on improving posture and rebalances the body with slow and controlled movements.

Owing to this list of low-impact exercises for seniors, there are multiple ways to rejuvenate the body and keep it healthy and fit even at old age.