How to Lose Belly Fat Fast


To lose belly fat, you need to know a little about it. Belly fat is the excess fat in the abdominal region that surrounds the organs in your stomach. The fat stored just under the skin is called as subcutaneous fat and the other fat which is deeper called the visceral fat. This deeper fat in right amounts helps in cushioning the organs, but in higher amounts is very dangerous, increases your risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and certain cancers. Therefore it is better to cut your belly fat. Check out the ideas about how to lose belly fat fast.

Feast on Fiber-Rich Foods

Eating more fiber-rich foods is directly linked to the reduction of abdominal fat. But all the fibers are nor equally made. It is the soluble fiber or the viscous fiber (beta-glucan) mixes with water and slow down the digestion process. This will help in reducing you appetite. Fiber-rich foods include vegetables, fruits, peas, lentils and beans.

Stop Sugar and Cut Back on Carbs

Sugar intake, directly impacts your belly fat. Sugar is converted to fructose which is then turned into fat. The quickest way to shed a few pounds is by doing a sugar detox. But not only sugar you need to minimize the overall carbohydrate intake. Low carb diets such Atkin’s diet plan will help you to lose your belly fat.

Eat a High-Protein Diet

Eating more protein is a great strategy in the long run to lose belly fat and is is very much essential to slim down. High-protein diets will significantly cut your visceral belly fat to a greater extent when compared to low-protein diets. No less than 25% of daily calories you must from your protein intake. Protein rich foods include eggs, lean meat, seafoods and dairy products.

Eat Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats will give your surprising results such as losing visceral fat, overall weight and gaining more lean muscle. Polyunsaturated (PUFA) and monounsaturated (MUFA) are the health fats. They even reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Some of the healthy fat foods include avocado, fatty fish, whole eggs, nuts and seeds.

Do Cardio/Yoga

Abdominal obesity is directly related to your hormones especially cortisol (stress hormone), higher levels of cortisol leads to more belly fat. Doing cardio exercises and yoga asanas will help you to decrease the cortisol levels and burn your fat at the same time. Try out the high intensity interval training.