Importance of Exercise for Diabetics


Diabetes is a condition that needs to be managed in more than one way as the patient ages. Again, it is not necessarily restricted to old age. It can strike kids and teens alike.

Actively monitoring the functioning of pancreatic beta cells to avoid causing a decline in insulin production is one way to stop the worsening condition of diabetics. Read on to learn more about the importance of exercise for diabetics.

Checks Blood Sugar:

Exercise and control of blood sugar levels go hand in hand in diabetes management. Exercise helps improve blood sugar control and prevent further cascading problems associated with the disease. Exercising also boosts overall fitness, and decreases the heart diseases and stroke risk.

Controls Weight:

Most people are obese when they are first diagnosed with diabetes. In fact, the very excess fat is the cause of increase in their insulin resistance. By losing weight, people suffering from diabetes become less insulin resistant, thus making them use insulin better.

Helps Muscle Building for Glucose Absorption:

Exercising regularly helps insulin absorb glucose better within all the body’s cells, including the muscles, for energy. When the body doesn’t generate enough insulin, or when insulin doesn’t function the way it should, the cells of the body don’t use glucose. That is when blood glucose levels get dangerously high, causing diabetes.

Helps Control Emotions

Learning that you are a diabetic and living with it can be challenging. The condition is very demanding when you are constantly checking your sugar and counting carbohydrates before every meal. When you exercise on a regular basis, you are assured of at least maintaining your weight, if not necessarily losing it.

Improves Blood Circulation

The risks of severe foot damage are high for people suffering with diabetes. Poor blood circulation translates into wounds healing slowly; thus injuries are at a higher risk of becoming infected. Exercising definitely improves blood circulation and helps the diabetic cope up with wounds better.