Health Benefits of a Kiwi Fruit

Health Benefits of a Kiwi Fruit


Rainbow diet, brown rice, oats and lemon and honey in lukewarm water… You’re doing everything to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients and keep empty calories at bay. However, your search for health foods takes a beating when there’s a slice of cheesecake staring at you.

The good news is that sometimes, it’s possible to take the “middle path” by packing in healthy goodness and appeasing your taste buds. If you’re looking for that unusual healthy balance, for the kiwi. Here are some of the health benefits of a kiwi fruit.

Improved Digestion

There are few fruits that are as fibre rich as a kiwi. With only 42 calories per piece, they offer a commendable 2.1gm of fibre. This means that your intestinal and gastric functions are enhanced thanks to its natural ability to retain water. The fuzzy fruit goes well with a protein-rich diet as it’s able to break down proteins found in a wide variety of foods.

Zing Of Vitamin C

A medium sized kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange and a golden kiwi has almost three times more of the vitamin than a lemon. Healthy bones, good skin and strong teeth need enough vitamin C and since our body cannot produce it naturally, it’s essential that you should include it in your daily diet. To up your body’s immunity have a kiwi daily.

Safe For Diabetics & Dieters

Kiwi’s low glycaemic index restricts the rise in blood glucose, making it a preferred fruit for diabetics. In fact, even sports persons and weight watchers can benefit from the kiwi’s low-calorie and high nutritional content. ‘Increased consumption of plant foods such as kiwis decreases the risk of obesity and improves the rate of mortality.

The Goodness Of Minerals

Folate (a type of B vitamin) is what’s responsible for making DNA and genetic material. It also aids the formation of red blood cells that make efficient use of oxygen, iron and other minerals. Women before or during pregnancy, teenagers, people who consume a lot of alcohol or those with problems of nutritional absorption are specially found lacking.

Antioxidant Value

Kiwis are known to be rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E and polyphenols, thanks to the flavonoids in them. Research shows that people who ate a kiwi a day saw a considerable improvement in blood plasma. ‘Antioxidant-rich foods help create collagen which prevents damage caused by the sun and pollution, smoothes wrinkles and improves skin texture.