Best Ways to Lose Weight After 30


The process of metabolism slows down as we age, but we can actually fight against that to develop muscle mass instead of fat.

Critical ways to lose weight after the age of 30 does not only include changes in the lifestyle and eating habits but also demand specific measures, different from those that many follow during their 20’s for effective weight loss. Here are few ways that will help you lose weight even after you are 30.

Lift More Weight Frequently

According to studies, physically inactive people lose approximately 3-5% of muscle mass per decade. This loss of muscles is one of the biggest obstacles you face while you grow old. But, lifting weights that are heavier is one of the best ways to combat muscle loss.

Cut Down Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol, especially beer in the night is considered to be one of the biggest calorie pushers in the diet. Once you are 30, start cutting down your alcohol consumption and you can maintain a healthy weight.

Invest in Fitness Tech

People are skipping gym now and working out on their own. Wearable gadgets like Nike Fuelband, Fitbit and Jawbone will inspire you to add up your workout. This will keep you motivated towards fat loss and help you stay healthier.

Eat Filling Breakfast

Include protein rich foods in your breakfast that will not only make you feel fuller but also help you in building some muscle mass. Turn to eggs, peanut butter, egg beaters, with low sodium turkey or ham. You can also try Greek yogurt mixed with fruits and nuts as a breakfast.

Try Interval Training

If you are really looking for impressive results, try high-intensity interval training. It not only burns more amount of fat as compared to regular physical activities but also progresses your overall fitness more speedily.


At this stage of life, you have certainly ensued more responsibility. Moreover, stress majorly influences your health and weight. So, you should start meditating which will not only calm your mind but also help you focus on your daily tasks, and off course workouts!

Add Some Spice to Your Food

Spicy food has a thermic effect on the body and enhances the metabolism rate. By including some peppers or hot spicy salsa, you might experience very mild results but every bit counts. So, it won’t hurt to keep a few spicy food on hand.