Best Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy


So you’ve peeled off your layers but not those extra kilos ever since your last pregnancy? You’re not alone. Shedding the pound is no overnight miracle but you need to have a strategy that works well for you.

Take things slowly as slow and steady wins the race, after all. Adopt a positive mindset that you’re making better choices, so you can feel good about yourself at the end of this month and in the long term. The best part? You won’t be needing a gym membership at all. Follow these 5 best tips for losing weight after pregnancy.

Exercise 10 Minutes at a Time

One of the biggest hurdles to working out is making time for it. But even if you don’t have a place to leave your kid, you work all day and commute, or fill-in-the-obstacle-here, nearly anyone can find 10 minutes to move. In fact, exercising in a few short bursts a day counts just as much as finding one long window to work out.

Track What You Eat

Besides being more active whenever you can, eating right will be the other pillar of your plan. So aim to consume 1,500 to 1,800 calories daily, 330 to 400 more per day if you’re breastfeeding. To stick to that goal, record absolutely everything that goes into your mouth. The key to success is to always be accountable and honest with yourself.

Eat More in The Morning And Less at Night

Research supports that eating a healthful morning meal may be one of your best weapons in losing weight. A study in the journal Obesity suggests that women who had a big breakfast followed by a more modest lunch and an even smaller dinner lost more weight overall than those who did the reverse. Use smaller plates at meals to control portion size.

Avoid Drinking Your Calories

An easy way to drop 150 calories per day is to pass up that end-of-day glass of wine. Try plain soda with a berry or a slice of lime instead. Find ways to trim calories in what you’re drinking: Use non-fat milk instead of whole milk or creamer in your coffee or tea; drink water instead of soda; and eat more juicy low-cal summer produce like cucumbers, peaches, and plums.

Plan Ahead for Dining, Parties And Vacations

Take control of your impulses when you anticipate food-centric social situations. Prior to dining out, google the menu to suss out the healthiest food options available. Before a party, have a light, healthy snack so you don’t arrive famished. Vacation is rife with temptations, but it’s okay to indulge a little as long as you’re making healthy choices.