Best Exercises for Improving Your Heart Health


The heart is a bundle of well-coordinated, rhythmically beating muscles that work by contracting. Being physically active is the first mandate to insuring the health of your heart. Again, the phrase ‘physically active’ need not necessarily digress into rigorous six pack muscle building exercises.

Taking baby steps like climbing the stairs rather than take the elevator or engaging in your favourite sport also helps burn calories. Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises for heart health.

Circuit Training

Any type of movement is anytime better than just sitting idle when you want to improve your heart health. However, circuit training had a special place on the list of best exercises that enhance your cardiovascular fitness. As the work outs are at a very high intensity, the blood starts pumping a lot harder thus challenging the arterial wall’s elasticity. The stretches make the arteries better thus improving the elasticity for better cardiovascular fitness. Go for minimal rest periods, and alternate between lower and upper body exercises to derive maximum results.

Lane Swimming

A good time spent splashing in the pool for a workout will make your heart as well as lungs thank you for ever. Leisure swimming is limited only to the highly unfit folks. Rather take up lane swimming which will guarantee you a higher return on your time invested while exercising. Experts recommend progressing gradually from eight to twelve lengths of the pool per swim technique, changing techniques on varying days. That could translate into doing front crawl and legs just with a flutter board one day and on other day, back crawl and breast stroke. Another swim technique assured to raise your fitness level is fist freestyle, where closed fists are used for any swim style. You tend to work harder as you don’t get the swim paddle effect with the open hand.

Weight Training

Heralded as the rescuer for those suffering from heart disease, weight training helps the heart in a number of ways. Besides building muscle mass that helps burn your fat, weight training is a blessing for good bone health as well as your heart. While deciding on the type of weight training, consider your own body weight for better efficiency. Adjust the rhythm of your movements to intensify the difficulty.


If you have been out of shape for quite a long time, then getting into the groove of twitching the heart rate up and down rapidly can get dangerous. In that case, don’t push your heart’s activity to improve its health. Yoga is a great way of concentrating not only on your breathing techniques that are known to subconsciously control your involuntary muscles, but also focuses on strength and muscle toning Some types of Yoga like Ashtanga provide cardiovascular benefits, as the heart rate gets elevated throughout the class.


Get back to your school days peddling to your necessary shop or work area as and when possible, as cycling on regular basis substantially lowers your risk towards coronary heart disease. Cycling for 32 kilo meters a week reduces the possibility of mounting heart disease by a whopping 50 percent. Cycling employs use of large leg muscle groups to elevate your heart rate, thus improving not just cardiovascular fitness but also burning calories.

Once you get going with the type of exercise that you choose, it is highly necessary that you abide by your commitment. Later on you may graduate slightly further with more rigorous activities that your body is now able to withstand.