7 Best Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym


Although there is a high urge of losing weight, people tend to get fussy about regularly going to the gym and working out. There are several reasons to this; too bored, too lazy, too much of travelling, not fun anymore or very expensive.

However, there are other daily ways to lose weight and stay fit other than going to gym and rigorously working out. Below enlisted are fun ways to stay healthy and fit without stepping into a gym.

1. Play Your Favourite Sport

What you do in a gym can very well be practiced and achieved when you play an outdoor sport like football, basketball, badminton, squash, tennis, etc. Playing these games is fun and will help you burn more calories. Moreover, it will also help you spend some personal time with your family or friends.

2. Go Swimming

Swimming pulls all your muscles and rejuvenates your body relieving all stress which will in turn boost up your health and energy levels. It stretches your muscles and tones up the limbs and is also considered as the best whole-body workout that can be performed without entering into a gym. Swimming also increases the quality of your sleep and metabolic rate.

3. Take Long Walks

Walking is often an underestimated exercise but it is too good for blood circulation and ultimately to your heart health. It is the best and easy exercise to stay fit and healthy and doesn’t need any equipment but just your resolve. Walking only requires a pair of tracks and sport shoes and there you are! You will notice how fit you get even without sweating out in a gym.

4. Join a Dance Class

Dancing involves moving every body part, jumping and hoping from one place to another. You can try Zumba which involves exercises performed on music. Dancing or Zumba is an ultimate fun way to stay fit without having to go through the boring workout gym routines.

5. Go Hiking

Hiking can be a great workout to burn calories and perform aerobic workout. It is fun and also lets you spend a beautiful day admiring nature in fresh air and being adventurous. So get, set and start backpacking your hiking boots. However, it can be done only occasionally so make it your choice when you are a fitness freak and are on an outdoor trip.

6. Go Cycling

Cycling is another good way of working out your body to lose unwanted fats and calories in open fresh air as opposed to the routine you follow in a closed room inside gym. It is refreshing and fun and is good for the bone health. Ensure that you hydrate yourself aptly as it can be a strenuous activity.

7. Do Some House Chores

Your daily household chores like cleaning, washing and gardening can be turned into fat burning calorie killing workout sessions and help you in achieving your weight loss goals. Just indulge yourself in maximum cleaning and moving around activities. Activities like mowing your lawn can burn more calories than you would typically in a gym. So you should never underestimate the importance of chores at home.