Everyday Foods We Are Eating Wrong


You would be surprised to know about eating foods wrong way but there are indeed several foods you’re eating wrong. The nutritional contents of these foods are reduced or destroyed due to wrong methods of eating them.

While whole foods and fresh produce are always a better option when compared to the choice of processed and packaged foods, it is important to know the right way of eating foods. Sometimes it may be to get the nutrients right and sometimes it is just to avoid embarrassment.


If you are slicing strawberries before eating, you’re eating them wrong. Strawberries they should be eaten whole if you do not want to waste to amount of nutrients this favourite fruit possesses. Whereas, when they are sliced about eight to ten percent of the vitamins contained in them are washed away. The mystery behind the fact is that strawberries contain Vitamin C that starts breaking down as soon as it is exposed to oxygen and light. In order to boost up Vitamin C, the fruit should be taken after refrigeration.


We eat tomatoes raw when we eat salads, while they should be consumed only after they are heated. Many studies have found that tomatoes reduce the chances of stroke in men. They also fight prostate cancer while preserving the power of brain with age. Heating tomatoes boosts up the lycopene levels. Cooking the tomatoes in olive oil increases their nutritional content. Lycopene is soluble in fat which means that fat is needed in your diet for its complete absorption.

Frozen Foods

Most of us overlook frozen foods when we are shopping at the grocery shop. It is generally considered that frozen foods contain higher antioxidants levels such as beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and polyphenols than fresh foods. With the ageing of produce, the nutrients start to break down. It is thus better to eat produce which had been frozen when it was ripe than going for a week old produce which is not frozen.


People generally let the bottle breathe when they wine. The idea is to sip a bottle that has been freshly opened. Studies have shown that with the decantation of red wine for long periods, which can be up to twelve hours, the breaking down of the polyphenols and organic acids begin.


When the vegetables are over boiled or cooked in microwave until they are roasted, they generally loose most of their nutritional value. The best way of eating vegetables is to steam them. For instance, when broccoli is steamed, it retains the nutrients that fight cancer. The cruciferous vegetable such as arugula, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli, contain cancer fighting properties in abundance that are well preserved when they are carefully cooked. Myrosinase is an enzyme which is necessary for releasing the compound, gets destroyed on heating intensively.