Best Healthy Food Swaps


Picking up healthier foods is much easier than you think. If you change a few eating habits you can make a big difference to your diet. Small diet changes will reward you with good health.

The first basic step is to eat less food that are high in calories, fats, sugars and later on swap them with healthier foods such as wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables. These small changes add up and make big overall difference to your diet. The promotional prints on the wrapping of pre-packed food can often be misleading, instead check out the nutritional information. Here are some of the best healthy food swaps.

Swap Chocolate For Date And Cocoa Bars

Chocolate is high in fat and refined sugar. By swapping it for date and cocoa natural bars you will not only reduce the fat content, but the sugar content will be from a natural, unprocessed source, too. Moreover dates and cocoa has many healthy benefits such as lowers the risk of heart diseases, reduce blood pressure, improves bone health and controls blood sugar.

Swap Sweets And Ice Cream For Frozen Grapes And Bananas

Frozen fruit can be a great alternative to ice cream. Place your fruit in the freezer (keep the banana’s peel on), then if you crave ice cream, you can opt for a natural, no-fat, low-calorie option instead. Frozen fruits are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and freezing “locks in” many of their nutrients.

Swap Smoothies For Fresh Fruit

The controversial swap. Yes, smoothies can be healthy, but only if you don’t add too much fruit. When preparing your smoothie, place all the ingredients on a plate and ask yourself if you would eat all of it in one sitting. If your answer is no then you are adding too much fruit. Plus, simply eating fruit will fill you up for longer.

Swap Diet Fizzy Drinks For Fizzy

water with lemon Even diet fizzy drinks with zero calories contain a substance call aspartame, which can indirectly cause weight gain. Research has found that people who drink diet drinks store a lot more fat around their waistline. This is related to the aspartame levels in your body. By swapping diet drinks to plain or fizzy water with a slice of lemon you’ll still have a zero-calorie drink, but the lemon will help to cleanse your body, too.

Swap Cake for Rice Cakes And Sliced Bananas

Rice cakes usually prepared from brown rice with a array of health benefits as they are filled with fiber, carbohydrates and phytochemicals. Sliced bananas sprinkled with cinnamon on a rice cake is a natural, no-fat, low-calorie snack. The cinnamon will also help to regulate your blood sugar levels. It makes a great pre-workout snack, too!

Swap Condiments For Spices

Condiments contain a lot of useless calories that most people don’t even consider. Spices don’t contain calories and by adding them to your food, you will improve its taste and your waistline. Spices make food tastier while boosting your health. Try chilli, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginseng, mustard, turmeric and ginger on regular basis.

Swap White Rice For Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain that is grown for its edible seeds. One cup of cooked quinoa has about 40 fewer calories than the same amount of white rice. It has more protein than rice and will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, too. It’s prepared in the same way as rice and most shops sell it in the dried bean aisle, so the swap should be fairly easy.

Swap Crisps For Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn has less calories than crisps, but beware of popcorn popped in butter or oil. Popcorn contains fiber and it 100% wholegrain. Go for plain, organic popcorn kernels. And always read the label – microwave and sugarcoated popcorn can contain more calories than crisps!

Swap Pizzas For Pitta Bread Pizzas

Make your own healthy pizzas by using pitta bread. Pita bread has 5.5 grams protein and 33 grams of carbohydrates per serving. A 6-inch piece of white pita bread contains 165 calories. Add tinned chopped tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, ham pineapple and a bit of cheese. They taste great and have a lot less calories.

Swap Bread For Whole-Grain Wraps

Yeast can cause a bloated stomach. By swapping to wraps or other breads that don’t contain yeast, you can help keep your bloating under control. Eating whole grain foods can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Long-life bread contains a lot of preservatives and e-numbers too, neither of which will help your waistline, so steer clear.