Best Food Trucks in London


Food trucks in London are the best venues that are perfect at churning out some of the best served street food in London for busy foodies. They are also the perfect and easy options to quickly grab a bite in between your schedule.

Whether you are looking for burgers or burritos or just want to get your mouth watering over the sweets and savouries, these trucks are the perfect stalls that will serve you everything you need. Here are some of the best.


The motto of Rianbo is ‘food for freedom’. That is because they donate a small part of every purchase to rescue child labourers. This food truck is well known all over London for its gyoza dumplings that are homemade and fresh and also for its fresh offerings of the Asian salads.

Mother Clucker

The owners of this unique food truck have converted an US ambulance into a food truck that offers southern fried chicken which is twice-battered and soaked in buttermilk. Alongside, it serves mac ‘n’ cheese, black-eyed-peas and Cajun fries together with home-made sauces.

You Doughnut

This food truck is a perfect spot for those looking to have something other than the regular burgers and pizzas. It offers fresh, bite-sized doughnuts that are filled with mouth-watering fillings and topped with unique flavourings.

Bhangra Burger

Located at KERBS, King’s Cross, the Bhangra Burger food truck offers some of the nation’s most loved dishes alongside burgers. It is famous for its offering of burgers that are infused with curries and served with chutneys and pickles. The burgers here are made of special Lebanese flatbread.

Bleecker Street Burger

Another spot for the burger lovers in the busy city, the Bleecker Street Burger comes straight from New York and is good at serving delicious burgers topped with a secret sauce and the best of American cheese.

Well Kneaded

If you are looking to grab an amazing pizza in the middle of a busy day to treat yourself with some deliciousness, Well Kneaded is the right place to go as they are good at doing pizzas or fire breads as they call. All the pizzas and other dishes are served with fresh cheese and toppings.