5 Ways to Prevent Food Poisoning at Home


Preventing food poisoning at home is essential both in terms of health and hygiene. Read on to know how to avoid food contamination at home.

It is estimated that around 5,000 people die every year in America due to foodborne illnesses. Most of these food contamination incidents can be taken care of if you follow some simple safety measures while handling and cooking food at home. Here are 5 such ways that help you avoid food poisoning at home.

1. Keep Your Fridge Below 5°C

Keeping the temperature of your refrigerator below 5C helps in preventing the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Also, don’t over-stuff your fridge as this will restrict the flow of air inside the fridge.

2. Cook Your Food Thoroughly

Cooking your food thoroughly until its steaming hot is the best and safest way to kill all the bacteria. While handling your food like washing and cutting, make sure that you limit the area of wash to restrict the contamination.

3. Clean Cutlery Every Time

If you are using the same knife to dress the meat and to chop other food ingredients, make sure that you wash and clean the cutlery every time you switch between the ingredients. Another option is to use separate cutlery for varying dishes.

4. Use Separate Chopping Boards

Often overlooked, chopping boards are one of the notorious materials that spread bacteria and germs around the kitchen quickly. Clean them every time you use them for cutting different ingredients or use separate boards for different dishes.

5. Store Raw Meat Separately

Raw meat should always be stored separately from other ready-to-eat food products like breads and salads. As you will not cook bread and salad items before you eat, any bacteria that is spread on to them from the raw meat will not be killed.

Together with these tips, washing your hands, worktops and kitchen cloths regularly also helps in restricting the spread of bacteria and germs in the kitchen. Any food, cooked or raw, that is left in the room temperature for more than two hours is not fit for consumption. Adhere to this rule and you’ll save a lot in the form of hospital expenses later on.