5 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings


There are probably many days that all we can have for a breakfast are some crappy granola bars or a handful of cereals and then rush out for the day. Given the busy schedule, mornings offer less time for any parents to make a dish that is time-consuming, yet we want to most out of the breakfast as it is an important meal of the day. Here are some simple breakfast ideas that are easy to make and satiate your hunger pangs until lunch time.

1. Butter and Banana Toast with Chia Seeds

This is a twist of classic peanut butter toast which is considered a super food given its share of vitamins and proteins. The addition of banana and chia seeds offers more calcium that is six times better than milk.

2. Yogurt and Berry Smoothie

This is the perfect smoothie for the rush time in the mornings where frozen fruits are blended with yogurt as they make a very good pair for the taste buds. You can even add milk or coconut water or any liquid of your choice to enjoy the breakfast time.

3. Oatmeal and Eggs

Oatmeal can be taken to a completely new level by making it a little savoury. While taking oatmeal with water or milk is common, the flavour can be increased by adding some salt and pepper. Even cinnamon and sugar can be added if you don’t like the breakfast to be salty. It can be then topped with poached egg and cheese to make quick and perfect breakfast.

4. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Quinoa is a wonder grain that is both healthy and tasty and makes a perfect fit for breakfast. A perfectly cooked and fluffy quinoa together with the mix of healthy fruits like berries enhances your breakfast ritual. A dash of lime, and some honey and a few twigs of basil will be enough until noon.

5. Avocado Toast and Eggs

This great mix makes breakfast so much simple and better. As all the ingredients used in this one of the quick breakfast ideas are full of proteins, it will satiate your hunger for long. Two slightly toasted pieces of whole grain bread can be topped with smashed avocado and then with a half-boiled egg. You can sprinkle some salt and pepper for a more tangy flavour.