5 Low–Carb Cocktails You Can Drink on a Diet


People on a low-carb diet often give up drinking to further up their diet benefits. Bur there is no need to give up alcohol altogether as there are some low-carb cocktails that you can drink even when you are on a diet.

All you need to do is just be careful about what you choose to drink as some drinks maybe higher in sugars. Here are some lighter beverages that you can drink when dieting.

1. Keto Mojito

Mojitos are known to be loaded with sugars and a lot of calories. But there’s nothing like having a refreshing mojito on a warm day. So if you’ve been struck up for choice whether to have a mojito or not, the Keto mojito is the right choice for you as it is prepared with a low-calorie sweetener instead of using sugar. It contains only 3 grams of carbs and has 140 calories.

2. Bloody Mary

We’ve all heard it a million times that Bloody Mary makes the best cure for even the worst hangover. But this cocktail is just as delicious too. It is a very low0carb cocktail and has the perfect combination of a spicy and tangy flavour. Bloody Mary also includes horse radish in the making which is good at clearing the sinus.

3. Low-Carb Margarita

It is really very hard to stick to your diet especially when you’re hanging out with friends who are enjoying a lazy cocktail. So if you are trying hard to resist and are afraid of the guilt, this low-carb and spicy margarita is just right for you. As the cocktail uses liquid stevia to cut out the carbs, you can gulp down a glass or two without any worry. The jalapeno peppers thrown in add a spicy kick to the cocktail.

4. Vanilla Martini

While it looks perfect to have this cocktail after a perfect dinner, this cocktail will give all the energy boost that you need. This vanilla latte martini is keto-friendly and has only 3.5 grams of carbs. This coffee liqueur is sugar-free and also perfectly blends with vanilla vodka for a nice punch. While it is great as an aperitif, this cocktail is so rich enough to be included in the list of desserts.

5. Lemon Drop

The best part about this cocktail recipe is that it doesn’t even contain a full gram of carbs per serving. But it is so tart and refreshing that you will want it after every meal of the day. Although it is not very necessary, this low-carb cocktail uses stevia instead of sugar. It also uses lemon protein water as it adds to the flavour. You can increase the dose of lemon juice if you want the drink to be more sour or tangy.