5 Easy and Healthy Snacks to Curb Cravings


Eating more often might be the new secret to actually eat less. That is: eating small amounts of healthy food throughout the day rather than overeating during the meal time. This is the best way to limit hunger and curb your food cravings.

Here are some of the snacks of the snacks that are tasty, easily available and give you the right number of calories. Try them today to help with your dieting and to keep your hunger away until your next meal.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Take advantage of healthy and seasonal fresh fruits. Take around two or three cups of a mix of cut-up pieces together with any kind of berries. You can also add either rock salt or honey based on your preference but that is not a must. Gobble down to your heart’s content.

Potato Chips

Most people have conflicting reasons whether to eat this all-time favorite. But you can go suckers for this lovely snack as the pack passes the calorie test. Make sure that you pick a pack that is less than 40g. This will make sure that you can still have that fulfilling and yummy crunch without any worries.

Ice Cream

This is again one of those oldies that no one seems to resist with just having a scoop. But the real challenge lies in itself. One small scoop of low-fat version in a crispy wafer cone is all that you need to keep your hunger pangs in check until the next meal.

Dry Fruits

Grab a handful of your preferred nuts before you settle on the couch for your favorite TV show. Make sure they are not salted. You can have pistachios, raisins, almonds or whatever suits your mood. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients and help you get through the day better.

Boiled Potatoes

These wonderful favorites will help you deal with your hunger pangs quickly and give energy throughout the day. Have them with a dollop of your favorite chutney or even fat-free cream. But make sure that you pick small potatoes instead of large ones. This snack will make you feel full.

All these healthy foods are perfect as evening snacks and are also easily available and give you good number of calories to get throughout the day with more energy. Replace these healthy snacks with junk food and you’re on your way to good health.