5 Best Foods to Eat with Chocolate


Drizzling your chocolate over unusual foods will offer a strange food combination that is not only tasteful but also delightful. While there are some unique ‘power couples’ blending well with chocolate, it can be mixed with almost everything like cheese and nuts to figs and chili.

If you want to indulge in some melted chocolate treats or just want to sprinkle bits of chocolate over your favourite foods, here are some of the best flavour pairings with chocolate.

1. Fruits

There’s nothing more delightful than gulping down some strawberries dipped in hot chocolate. But pears and mangoes can be as wonderful to pair with chocolate. The secret here is to compliment bitter fruits with something very sweet. That’s why dark chocolate blends well with ripe berries, mangoes and even bananas.

2. Cheeses

Cheese and chocolate are interchangeably rich and creamy. Though it sometimes doesn’t look like a perfect match, some chocolates blend very well with almost any kind of cheese to give you a buttery and tasty flavour. The rule is to pair lighter and creamier cheeses with lighter chocolates and more acidic cheese with dark chocolates.

3. Sweet Fillings

Caramel and chocolate make a great combo for first-timers. But there are yet other sweeter and chocolaty add-ins like and sugar coated sweets too. If you are having caramel and milk chocolate combination, you are just overloaded than your daily intake of sugar just with a piece or two. But paring it with dark chocolate is not so overwhelming though.

4. Salty Treats

Salty treats like chips, pretzels and bacon are some of the obvious choices to pair with chocolate. The reason why most of the salted treats blend well with chocolate is that we crave both sweet and salt for energy and to satiate our need to live healthy. So, indulging in some sugary treats and then matching them with salty delights is a good way to stay active.

5. Nuts

We all love chocolate and again, we all go nuts over nuts. What makes a more tasty and healthy combination than pairing them together? Some nuts also seem to enhance their flavour when munched together with chocolate. Also, there’s no need to restrict what nuts go well with this yummy savouring. Almonds, peanuts, pecans and hazelnuts all go well with liquid or hard chocolate.