Top Fashion Trends From AW18 European Fashion Weeks

Fashion weeks in Europe always leave us with inspiration while offering a sneak peek into the latest in world fashion trends. From striped pants and power suits to sheer skirts and plaid trousers, the latest autumn/winter 2018 fashion trends collection will leave you enthralled and motivate the fashionista inside you to put on your socks and grab your handbag. Here are some of the latest fashion trends from the autumn/winter 2018 fashion season.

Sheer Skirts

It’s a pretty good time to buy a sheer skirt that is still ruling the street style fashion on European streets. Even though it is tough to flaunt these skirts in perfect style, they elevate your style completely when done right.

Powersuits in Pastels

It’s time to power-dress yourself in these pastel suits that are part of the current fashion trends all over the fashion world. They are best done when paired suitably with a collared shirt and a frilly cap together with a trouser of the same colour.

Vinyl Trousers

Most of the European fashion weeks flaunted these glossy vinyl trousers as they are taking the place of jeans for the season. A striped shirt or a tee perfectly done with a bold blazer completes your look perfectly. Biker boots and denim jackets are also better paired with them.

Sports Stripes

If you thought that stripes are best associated with track pants, well, think again. They have gone far from casual to chic quicker than you actually thought. They are ruling the street style looks for the season and are better paired with cardigans and tees.

Statement Bags with ‘Statements’

Accessories complete your looks graciously and this season’s best accessories are bags with statements. They are seen as best ways to express your opinions while being subtle and up-to-date. You can even print your own statements thus bringing fashion and art together.

Socks and Heals

Wearing socks and heels together is now official with everyone flaunting this style on the streets from New York to Paris. Not only will they help you say goodbye to cold feet, but also offer a perfect look. They are best paired with cropped pants and fitted blazers.

These AW18 (autumn/winter 2018) style statements will leave you with inspiration that is endless and trends that are fit for every occasion. So grab your favourite picks and give a touch of matrix to your style with these latest fashion trends.