Tattoo Aftercare Guide

Caring for your new tattoo is very important to keep it look as new all the time as it was when you just got out of the tattooist’s chair. It is your responsibility to make the ink and the colors look as new and crisp for as long as you live. Once you are done with getting the new tattoo, your skin will open for all kinds of nasty bacteria and germs and negligence in any tattoo aftercare will lead to infection.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make your tattoo look good for a long time.

Leave the bandage for as long as your tattooist suggests

While some tattoo artists will ask you to leave the wrap for an hour or two, some will ask you to keep it all day. Truly, stick to their advice as your tattooist will know best about the length of time to keep the tattoo and you in best condition.

Wash and clean well after removing the wrap

Clean your new tattoo gently using a mild and fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. This will help in removing any blood or plasma that may be the result of the tattoo. Then, using a paper towel, pat the area gently to dry the area. Make sure that you do not rub as this may damage skin.

Repeat the cleaning process

Clean the tattoo at least twice a day with utmost care and continue using the fragrance-free soap. After you again pat and make sure it is completely dry, apply a coat of any recommended lotion gently to moisturize the area. This is very important for the skin to regain its luster.

Don’t pick the skin

Until you are sure that the skin near the tattoo and its surroundings is completely healed, do not pick at the skin even if it is itchy or even if you notice any flakes. Picking at the skin will increase the chances of any infection and will also delay the healing process. It may also cause fading to the tattoo.

Stay away from sun and sea

Harsh sun light will irritate your skin around the tattoo and may cause permanent damage while also causing any infection. Do not even apply any sun protection lotion to the area until it is completely healed. Likewise, stay away from beaches as sea water can be dangerous for the skin near the tattooed area. Keep in mind that a healthy skin will lead to a healthy tattoo.