How to Style Your Curly Hair – Curly Hair Tips

Sometimes, your hair just wants to be wild and unruly and simply won’t behave no matter what you do. Taking care of curly hair can be a big challenge especially if you don’t know what kind of fixes and products work best for your hair.

While some hair types can be easily tamed with some natural and easy fixes, others seem to start acting up again making a frizzy mess. Here we take a look at some of the best curly hair tips that transform your hair from frizzy to fabulous.

Rinse Your Hair

Most of us skip rinsing the hair before styling as it makes the hair tangle. But again, washing your hair before applying any leave-in-conditioner or nourishing cream helps in adding a lot of volume to the hair. Just make sure that you detangle the hair in the shower and rinse it well before you start to apply any product. Comb the hair only after you apply the conditioner as this helps the hair frizz less once it is dry.

Blow Dry Using a Diffuser

Though blow dryers have to be used sparingly on hair, they take care of the frizzes up to 70-80 percent while the remainder can be tackled by applying some light product. Blow dry the frizzy hair with the diffuser pressed against your head to have best results in your hair styling regime. Invest in an ionic hair dryer that acts faster thus avoiding curls. However, make sure that you apply any heat protectant and use the blow dryer on lowest heat setting to avoid any damage to the hair.  If you are suing any hairspray, ensure that it is free of any alcohols that may quickly dry the hair and play spoilsport.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Your hair is just like your skins and needs to be hydrated – especially if you live in a humid environment. A simple procedure like slathering some hair oil at night and shampooing it out in the morning ensures that your hair is kept hydrated. Use smoothing hair milk or cream on your curls to smoothen and moisturize your hair. Pour a squeeze of cream in your palms and apply it to your curls rubbing your palms and running your fingers gently between the strands in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure that you pick the right cream that does not contain any harsh chemicals like sulfates and silicones that will further damage the hair.


Brushing dry hair may lead to more frizz and tangles in the hair. Gently work on the wet strands focusing on the strands and the tips of the hair. As for the scalp massage it gently with the tips of your fingers before the hair becomes too dry. Try using Argan oil to moisturize and smooth your hair down. Olive oil or coconut oils are also best alternatives for Argan oil. Make sure that you work on small strands slowly to avoid frizz.

Consider Long Term Fixes

If it means investing a little more to perfectly tame your curls, go ahead and consider some hair masks and serums or other such long term fixes that will last longer. Remember that all the curls are not the same and the hair gel that worked perfectly for your friend might not necessarily work out for your hair type. Try something like a curl keeping gel that hold and controls your curls without any flakiness or crispiness. Then pamper up with some volumizing shampoo or cream that will style your hair for more volume.

Caring for curly hair is not that complicated and stressful when you know to use the right products. Just step away from your flat iron to battle the frizz and find new and simple ways for luscious locks. To top it all, find the best stylist that understands what it is like dealing with curly hair. Right cut and the right care together with the right hair styling products make a huge difference while keeping your hair healthy.