Simple Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Most women follow a certain way of washing and caring for their hair since they were kids and follow the same hair care routine well into their adulthood. Most of the time, these hair care tips have been learnt from our grandmas and while they are trusted all over the world, the trend needs to be changed in tune with the modern necessities. While there is definitely no harm in following a hair care routine for years together, the actual problem begins when the hair begins to show signs of damage.

Most of us generally think that the reason behind hair fall, split ends and damaged hair is due the kind of hair care products we use regularly, but the actual culprit is the way we treat our hair. Rather than switching the hair care products over and over again, what you actually need to do is make some changes to your hair washing and drying routine. If it is well done, you’ll see an improvement in the quality of your hair just within a few weeks. So, let’s quickly take a look at some of the best shower tips you need to follow to keep your hair healthy and full of volume.

Hair Care Tips for Shampooing

The first and foremost thing you need to follow is to steam your hair before you apply any shampoo to it. Pores on the scalp are usually clogged with oil and dirt and steaming will help in cleansing them away. To do this well, soak a towel in some hot water and wring it around your head to remove any excess water. Now, wrap this towel around your head and leave it on for 20 minutes before you jump into the shower.

Once you are done with steaming the hair, massage your scalp gently for a few minutes with your fingers before applying a shampoo. This will not only help in loosening all the dirt and buildup, but will also help in removing any weak strands of hair from the scalp.

Make sure that you only use lukewarm water to steam your scalp as hot water will damage the hair similar to the frequent use of heat styling tools on your hair. Use of hot water also strips the hair off any natural oils that are vital for a healthy head of hair. It will also leave the cuticles of the hair open thus paving way for the ever-important moisture to escape from the scalp. On the contrary, washing your hair with lukewarm or cool water will help in closing the cuticles and will further lock all the moisture and help in giving the hair a shiny and smooth look. Moreover, it will also help in reducing the frizz.

While you might have surely heard this many times before, using SLS free shampoo brands and those that are free of any parabens will help you have a nice head of hair in the long run. While parabens help in preventing any bacteria and are added as preservatives in the shampoo, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) helps in forming a lather. However, the use of these chemicals has been known to cause skin irritation and even allergic reaction. Further, recent studies reflect that use of SLS and parabens in shampoos can be even carcinogenic and can cause severe eye damage in children. So, keeping all the cons in mind, it is best to use organic shampoos that are free of any parabens and SLS.

Apply Shampoo Only on the Scalp

The main purpose of the shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and remove any dirt from it together with removing any dead skin cells and product buildup from scalp. Applying the shampoo on the lengths of hair will not only strip it off the natural oils that are vital to the growth of hair, but will also make it look dull, dry, and lifeless. Just take a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and massage it on the scalp and into the roots of hair until it finely lathers up.

Massage your scalp gently while you are applying the shampoo slowly moving in a circular motion around the head with the tips of your fingers. This will not only help in cleansing away the dirt accumulated on your scalp but will also improve the blood circulation thus strengthening the hair follicles and further boosting the growth of hair.

Avoid washing your hair daily: Most of the shampoos available in the market are filled with chemicals and using them daily on your hair will damage them and make them brittle and extremely dry. This will make the hair look dull and dry and the hair will also lose its shine. It is suggested that the hair should be washed with an organic shampoo either once or twice in a week o remain healthy and also to retain the optimum moisture levels.

Avoid stretching the shampooing time. As the hair is too fragile and more so when it is wet, prolonging your shower time may weaken the hair and this will result in hair loss. The ideal time to applying shampoo and conditioning your hair is 15 minutes according to experts. Make sure that you follow this time frame to keep damage and breakage of the hair to the minimum.

Tips for Conditioning Your Hair

Condition your hair with oil before you get into the shower. Also massage it with some natural hair oil as this will help in conditioning and moisturizing the hair. Coconut, almond or olive oil is best used for massaging the scalp before you wash the hair as this procedure will make the oil penetrate into the hair shafts and nourish the hair from within to give you hair that is softer, shinier and is free of any frizz.

Towel dry your hair before applying conditioner. While this step may look like a tedious task for many, this is actually what you need to do to get frizz-free hair. After shampooing and washing your hair, wrap a dry towel around your head to completely soak all the excess water from your hair. Only then you should apply the conditioner for it to get absorbed well into the hair so that it avoid any frizzes from forming in the hair. Also make sure that you do not use too much conditioner as this will make your look too greasy and will also weigh down the hair.

While shampoos and hair oils are meant for applying on the scalp, you should make sure not to apply the conditioner on scalp. Applying conditioner on the scalp leads to buildup and will also clog the pores depriving the health of scalp and of the hair. This will ultimately result in slow hair growth and quick hair fall. While you’ve probably been warned many times, it’s still worth to make a note of it to make sure that you stay away from this hair and scalp damaging practice.

Don’t leave the conditioner in for too long: Most people are of the opinion that leaving the conditioner for some more time on the hair will help in moisturising the hair a little more. But this practise will do the exact opposite. Conditioners act very quickly and penetrate into the pores when the hair is wet and the cuticles are open. There is no such thing that the conditioner will penetrate further if you leave it for some extra time as it has done the job right when the cuticles are open and fully swollen. On the contrary, leaving the conditioner for too long will damage the hair and make it look too much greasy. Limit the hair conditioning to just once in every two weeks if your hair id too frizzy as this type of hair is prone to dry very quickly.

Hair Care Tips for Drying

Use a microfiber towel or more simply, use a cotton t-shirt to remove any excess water from your hair. While terrycloth towels absorb all the moisture from the leaving it too dry, microfiber or cotton towels are very gentle on the hair and do not strip the hair of all the moisture completely. Terrycloth towels are also known to cause frizzes and hair breakage.

Also make sure that you carry out the drying process gently. Don’t rub the hair aggressively in a bid to dry it quickly. This will only cause knots, frizzes and may even result in hair breakage. Gently pat dry the hair with a cotton towel to remove excess water and then leave it for a while and allow the air to dry rest of the way.

Do not use a blow dryer for drying your hair as heat styling will result in hair damage in the form of split ends. If at all you are in a hurry and cannot avoid using the hair dryer, make sure to use it on cool setting.

Tips for Detangling Hair

The best way to detangle your hair is when the conditioner is still in the hair. Take a wide-toothed comb and run it gently through the lower half of your hair to easily remove all the knots and tangles. The best tip to detangle your hair is to do it when the hair is semi-dry. Hair is more prone to breakage when it is wet. Wait until it is 70 % dry and then detangle using a wide toothed comb or a boar bristle brush.

Other Hair Care Tips to Follow

Apply a leave-in conditioner after you have dried the hair as this is the best way to get rid of frizzy hair after a shower. Applying a leave-in conditioner or a smoothening serum after drying your hair will make it look more healthy and shiny while also avoiding any locks and frizzes from forming in the hair. But this again depends on the type of hair you possess. If you have dry hair, you should use a hair care product that is free of any alcohol as the presence of alcohol will dry the hair even more quickly making it look dull.

Also, limit your use of hair care products as too many hair styling products like hair gels, hair sprays, and mousses will lead to residue buildup on the hair and also on the scalp resulting in clogged pores and hair fall. Another important tip to remember that you should get out of the shower as quickly as possible. Long showers mean that the hair stays wet for a long time which may lead to making them fragile and more prone to split ends and hair fall. Follow these hair care tips to see some quick positive results.