Your Perfect Style Guide to Korean Fashion Trends

It looks like everything Korean is taking the world by storm. There is K-Pop for music lovers and then there is K-Drama and K-Beauty for couch potatoes and makeup junkies respectively. The next thing Korean will be K-Fashion – a fashion compass that will help you turn towards the East from the West.

Not so surprisingly, the Seoul Fashion Week that started in 2013 has all the fashion designers flying to this new fashion centre. Read on to know more about the Korean fashion trends and what’s in there for you.

Adding Layers

Korean fashion is just not everything about wearing short and skimpy clothes. If take a close look, you’ll notice that most of the Korean women love adding layers to further style their dressing. There are different patterns in their dressing style and then there is some asymmetry in their dressing style. Add a faux fur jacket to either your jump suit or even to the button-downed dress to steal the looks. But make sure there is a stint of pink.

Ruffled Skirts

A ruffled skirt either in velvet or in any other material blends perfectly well with graphic tees and even graphic tees. It’s a plus if you can pull them both to further enhance the style. Team them up perfectly with the right stockings and ankle length boots. For winters, you can even pull out a woollen cap to look more adorable.

Shorts and Striped Tops

This is the go-to outfit for most Korean women and is iconic to Korean fashion. You might be all familiar with the looks if you’ve watched those sitcoms on Netflix. While shorts are not new to any one of us, the trick lies in pairing them up perfectly with bold tees in colourful stripes. A good pair of sneakers together with a perfectly fitting hairstyle will complete your looks.

Turtleneck Dress

This Korean fashion trend is better restricted for the winters. This is the much needed fashion inspiration that you’ve always wanted to stay away from the mundane trends and come up with something fashionably new. This style will never fail you as checkered shirts all welcomed by one and all irrespective of the region. The attire can be completed with long socks and high heeled boots or just sneakers.

Pleated Skirts and Oversized Sweaters

A-line and peplum skirts with box pleats are actually iconic to Western fashion. But, moving a little towards the East will help you know why Koreans dress a little differently from others. But still, their fashion trends are adopted all over the world. Pair up a loose skirt with accordion pleats with an over-sized sweater to follow this Korean fashion trend. A cool cap together with a sling bag or even a box clutch will complete the looks.

Matching the Separates

While the rest of the fashion world looks to match their attire with the right accessories and clothing, Koreans are adept at bringing together remarkably unassuming pieces of clothing whether they differ in style, pattern or colour. All of a sudden, it becomes remarkably fashion to club together polka-dotted skirts, wide-striped tees and checkered sweaters. You can even pair your dress with combats or even knee-high boots to make a bold statement.