Outfit Ideas for Short Girls – How to Dress to Look Taller

Tall and skinny supermodels are often considered as the most fashionable girls in the world but this doesn’t mean that short and petite girls cannot look fabulous in whatever they wear. In fact, shorter women have a number of advantages in the world of fashion than taller girls. Taller women have to keep in mind a whole lot of things before slipping into a dress.

For a petite woman, the only thing that she has to take into consideration is to create a false impression of height. It is a truth that the body structure of no two women is similar. Even some short girls have legs as long as any other tall girl but their torso is short while others have shorter legs. Here are some fashion tips which would make the look of every short woman desirable and an object of envy.

Wear Knee Length Skirts

A long skirt will make shorter women look even shorter and short skirts also don’t do much when it comes to enhancing their looks. Knee length skirts, on the other hand, show the portion of your leg down the knee and create a stunning impression while making you look taller. Knee length skirts that are paired with pencil shirts help you flaunt your curves really well. Both the skirts help to create the illusion of a long pair of legs.

Get Rid of Cuffed Jeans

While jeans make you look shorter, cuffed jeans draw even more attention towards your short height. Women with shorter height should always wear well-fitting jeans. High-rise skinny jeans, curvy boot-cut jeans, and mi- rise jeans are some of the best options for shorter women. These jeans will help your frame look somewhat slimmer and create an impression of height.

Avoid Horizontal Lines

Any dress in horizontal lines like a striped shirt or skirt gives the false impression of weight and even make tall women look way shorter than their actual height. Thus, it advisable for short women to avoid clothes that have horizontal lines. On the contrary, vertical lines create an impression of height and make you appear slimmer.

Tucked In Shirts

Tuck your shirt and wear a belt to cinch your waist and to appear slender and taller naturally. But make sure that you do not overdo so much that you have to compromise with the posture or your comfort. Wearing pencil skirts and pointed heels with further help you look taller.

Wear High Heels

High heels are considered as a boon for every short woman out there. They can be paired perfectly with any kind of dress and make sure to add some extra inches to your height. Make sure that the heels are open and pointed. The size of the heel depends on your comfort level. Wedges and high-top sneakers are also some of the options to consider when you dress casually.