Hair Care Tips for Women

Hair is one of the most tantalizing features of any woman. Who wouldn’t like to have shiny, silky and lustrous hair! Hair care is one of the essential steps towards a beautiful personality.

The modern lifestyle, pollution and lack of nutrition make hair scaly and dull. It is important to act right and act soon. While the traditional tips of hair care are unbeatable, they might be time consuming and elaborate. Here is how you can match them up with your routine. Following are the basic golden hair care tips for women.


Yes, though you hate being spotted greasy on your day out, oiling is one of the essential thing to take care of your hair. Use good quality hair oil enriched with vitamin-E. You can pick the oil of your choice from a variety of products available in the market such as almond oil, coconut oil or multivitamin oil. Preferably, oil your hair overnight before washing it. Gentle massage with oil will help your scalp to get proper blood circulation.


Shampooing is one of the most important hair care tips. After going through the proper oiling step, pick a nice, mild and fragrant shampoo. While there is a heap of choices to pick from, find out the one that suits your hair type. There are available for every kind, dry, frizzy, straight, thin or damaged. If you have a hair breakage or dandruff problem, choose a medicated one that will cure right from your scalp. Shampoo at least 2-3 times a week for clean and lustrous hair.


While oil is the best natural conditioning you can provide to your hair and scalp, there are varieties of multivitamin, multi-functioning conditioners that you can pamper your hair with. If possible, try to prepare some natural conditioners at home and use them. The only rule to be followed while conditioning, do not apply the conditioner on scalp instead apply it evenly on the hair and wash it properly.

General Hair Care Tips for Women:

  • Adapt a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet; perform some basic exercises; lead a stress-free life.
  • Always pick a good quality, soft-bristled brush and comb for your hair.Trim your hair once in 3 months to get rid of the split ends if any.
  • Over styling is a no-no for good hair. Whenever you are at home or do not have to be presentable, tie your hair up in a smooth bun to avoid hair loss.
  • Avoid using the dying or colouring agents; avoid using hair dryers and even avoid washing your hair with hard water.
  • Cover your hair while travelling and prevent it from the direct exposure to sunlight and pollution.