How to Apply Makeup for Oily Skin

Wearing makeup in a proper way and keeping it on for a while becomes a daunting task when you have excessively oily skin. Oily skin makeup isn’t as easy as it is with dry and other skin types. Oily skin makes all the makeup slide off the face within a few hours and makes your face an utter mess.

So if you are looking to improve the looks while dealing with the oily skin that you have, investing in some oil-free makeup essentials should be your top priority. But before that, you also need to take care of your oily skin in the right way. Read on to know how to deal with oily skin.

Preparing Oily Skin Before Makeup

A thorough skin prep is necessary to get oily skin ready for some makeup. Once you learn to master this simple routine, you’ll know that it is really not that difficult to take care of all the different challenges that your skin faces. Start with a cleanser that suits your skin type. For oily skin, a cleanser with salicylic acid works better. It exfoliates and cleans the skin and also does not make it too dry.

Then, apply a skin toner that suits your skin type and lastly, moisturize the skin by simply pressing an oil-free moisturizer into the skin. Spray rose water or a finishing mist as a setting spray before you begin the makeup process. Preparing your skin for makeup should be your first step towards oily skin care treatment.

Makeup Primer

A primer is mandatory if you want to keep the sebum under control. Primer not only helps in controlling the oil production, but also makes the skin look smooth while acting as a glue that holds your makeup in place for hours and doesn’t let the foundation disappear quickly. Make sure that you choose a primer that is suitable for oily skin to deal with any skin related concerns.

Applying Foundation

Once you are done applying the primer, it’s time to move on with the foundation. Use a formula that is better for oily skin and the one that helps keep your skin matte. A good foundation will last all the day without smudging or fading even in the scorching heat. The trick is to get a really thin layer on you which is possible with a blending sponge.

Using the Concealer

If you see any blemishes or skin spots or any dark circles under the eyes even after applying the foundation, applying a tiny dab of concealer will help you ‘conceal’ all those blemishes. Use a blending sponge gently after applying the concealer to just blend it out perfectly. Again, pick one that is good for oily skin and stays all day long and offers good ‘coverage’.

Setting Powder

Apply translucent powder on the face using a damp beauty sponge as this will help in holding the makeup for a long time and will also give your skin matte and shine-free look for a long time. Mineral based powders are best for oily skin types. Apply the powder by gently patting the sponge all over the face and then use a powder brush lightly to perfectly blend the powder.

Setting Spray

Once you are done with the foundation and concealer and the powder, it is time to take some measures to make the makeup last longer and remain shine-free. Spritz on some setting spray gently all over the face and be careful enough not to overdo as this may drain the makeup. Just a thin layer is enough to hold the makeup in place for hours together and to help you control the oily skin and all the greasiness that comes with it.

Once you are done with all these steps, finish your looks with the rest of the makeup routine and go all in with a bronzer or a matte brush to further accentuate the looks. A little bit of eye shadow and an eyeliner and a light lipstick is all that you need to finish the looks and have an oil-free face all through the day.