5 Best Alternatives to LBD

Finding perfect alternatives to the Little Black Dress and making them look as chic as possible is no easy task. Fashion aficionados know this very well and you may be faced with the same problem while letting go of your LBD for better alternatives.

Even if the LBD will always be supreme in ruling the fashion streets, here are some best alternatives for pulling that chic look.

1. Statement Skirts

Metallic midi skirts make you feel every bit of the party and are the perfect things to go for other events too. If you are wearing one with a lot of sheen, pairing it with a plain camisole will give an all-new look to this top and skirt combo. They are best accompanied by trainers and sweatshirts during the day and are better paired with a metallic clutch for evening parties.

2. Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are hailed by everyone and we all dream of having on in our wardrobe. This very love for this dress is the reason it is considered as a chic and stylish alternative to the LBD. This dress looks elegant and expensive and is never out of style. Fun lace separates and midi dresses in lace are something to try.

3. Trouser Suit

Trousers suits make us look better every time we wear them. The trend is never out of style and there is always more scope to mix and match to make the looks more appealing. Well cut and minimal suits blend well with any kind of trousers and there are a lot of budget options too for making this style do the work for any occasion.

4. Slip Dresses

If you like slinky dresses, the sip dress which reflects the style of the 90s is perfect for you. The best thing with slip dresses is the versatility of length you want to go. While a maxi dress will offer more glamorous looks, midis are meant for dinner and evening parties. Again, there is the mini that is perfect for all occasions.

5. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to LBD as it throws every bit of style as LBD. It is a fashion essential for many fashionistas. Jumpsuits in dark shades and slim-fit styles offer an elegant and figure-flattering look. Make sure that the suit is not too baggy as it may spoil the purpose of standing out from the crowd.