Fashion Trends That Are Still Taking Over in 2018


It can be really hard to keep up with the changing fashion trends. As the seasons change, there’s a slew of fashion trends changing together with them which sometimes makes it hard to update the already fabulous wardrobe.

However fashionistas need to incorporate latest fashion trends to stay up to date with the season and always should keep an eye on the colours, silhouettes, fabrics and concepts to reign the streets. These trends will also tell you which ones will stay and which are the ones to ditch. Maybe something will even comeback from the yesteryears. Here are some of the best fashion trends for the season that are still reigning the supreme in 2018.

Women’s Suits

Women’s suits are making the gender lines slightly blur as women are becoming increasingly empowered. Trends reflect that women’s suits will be more prominent this year than ever as more and more women are looking for clothing that reflects their confidence. Suits are being worn so much by women these days that they might no longer be called as menswear. Suit up yourself to be in trend.

‘70s Fashion Trends

While some fashion trends that were part of the past decades look cynical, some yet make a comeback to rule the streets of fashion again and again. We’ve seen ‘80s and ‘90s fashion trends flash on the streets every now and then every time looking as if they are new. It looks like fashionistas all over are looking go back yet into the past with ’70s fashion trends. Retro colour palettes, head-to-toe denims and elongated are all back on the streets. Grab on one if you haven’t yet.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have always influenced fashion trends and this time it is just not limited to the fashion accessories. While it does not seem to be a driving trend for the year, some of the shapes are definitely finding their way into clothing and accessories and even into home décor. So do not be surprised if bags and jewellery take some shapes this year.

Denim on Denim

While any fashionista will agree that jeans are the staple for any wardrobe, they will also confess that it is not an easy task to pull that perfect look when everything you are wearing is just denim. But now the classic fabric is all set to reach new sartorial heights this year and is already creative waves in many of the latest fashion shows.


You probably got it wrong if you thought that this super soft fabric is just restricted to wear during the fall and holiday season. You might say that it is also favoured by many during the cold weather months but that depends on view. Fashion events across the world are flaunting all things velvet including blazers, slip dresses and camis. Incorporate these magnificent fabric for an all-modern update.