5 Night-Time Skincare Hacks For A Flawless Skin


All of us have heard about how a good night’s sleep is important to have gorgeous skin. But it is not the only tool in the arsenal. It is vital to have a night-time routine that would help you not only get flawless skin, but also maintain it well.

Most people are really tired and lazy, come night time, and it is imperative to have a routine or couple of night-time skincare tips and hacks that are easy to do so that there’s no skipping to be directly.

Clear Away Makeup

While during the day, you may have had to slather on layers upon layers of makeup to look gorgeous, come snooze time and this goop has to go! You must never go to bed with makeup on. It blocks the pores, which leads to dirt accumulation and acne. The skin finds it difficult to breathe and instead of rejuvenating at night, it undergoes damage.

Deep Clean

Post the makeup removal, the next beauty hack is cleaning the skin deeply. This is a vital step because it clears the layers of dirt from the face and opens up the pores so they can breathe freely. You can use a mild cleanser to scrub away the dirt layers and rinse it off thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean your neck too!


It is a great idea to moisturize your skin well before you hit the bed. Cleansing removes moisture from your skin and if you do not put a suitable moisturizing lotion, your skin will dry out and feel stretchy in the morning. Get a hydrating lotion that suits your skin type and slather it on generously. Your skin will feel dewy when you get up.


In this age of instant gratification, selfies, and social media, it is vital that you relax your mind before you grab your forty winks. Log off well before you sleep. Your mind needs its rest and so does your body. Meditate or read a book so that your mind gets off its treadmill and takes a break. That will do wonders for the health of your skin too!

Deal With Hairy Issues

If your hair stands on end and you appear a fright in the morning with static-y strands, just plait ‘em up lightly when you sleep. That way, they will break less and remain under your control. You can also go glam and eschew cotton for satin. A satin pillowcase will help your hair to stay smooth till it’s time to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning.

Flawless skin comes from a flawless lifestyle. Take care of your body and it will, in turn, take care of you. Eat well, exercise well, and rest well, and soon you will find yourself glowing with good health and great skin.