Most Unusual Museums in the World That You Should Visit


Museums reflect the limitless creativity of the human mind. No matter what is at display inside the museum, all the objects open up windows into the history of our culture and offer us a new way to connect to our past turning everyday ordinary objects into something extraordinary.

While everyone thinks about museums as prestigious establishment that depict the best forms of art and culture, there are some off-beat museums around the world that focus on strange subject matters. Here are some of the most unusual museums around the world that are worth visiting.

Soane Museum, London

The building itself is a historic house, library and museum of Sir John Soane, distinguished 19th century architect. Another important fact about this house museum is that the building is left untouched since Soane’s death about 180 years ago. What makes this museum unique is the fact that it houses masterworks including the drawings and models of the architect’s models together with a huge collection of antiquities, paintings and drawings which he assembled. There are some works of art that are displayed to only some visitors at a particular time of the day.

Spy Museum, Washington D.C.

As the name implies, this museum includes the largest collection of espionage artefacts and sheds light on the world’s most secretive professions. The museum’s collection includes disguised weapons, counterfeit money, tiny cameras, and cipher machines that shed light on the role of spies and human intelligence throughout history. Visitors can also participate in interactive spying adventures and also take their own cover. There are also photos and videos that focus on the lives of the world’s most elusive spies.

Mummy Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico

This Mexican museum has more than 100 cadavers on display and is touted as the most visited tourist places near the place with more than 4,000 visitors a week. The museum displays victims of murder, criminals who were buried alive along with other macabre displays. All of the bodies displayed in the museum have actually been disinterred from nearby graves when the families of the deceased couldn’t afford to pay £95 that was required for a 20 year lease in the crypt. Opened in 1950s the museum displays bodies of people who died over 100 years ago until 1999.

Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), Cancun, Mexico

This is perhaps the only unique museum in the world where you’ll need a scuba diving gear to see the exhibits. All the sculpture extravaganza is submerged under one of the clearest bodies of water in the world. The exhibits are better referred as ‘art of conservation’ as the very intention behind hiding more than 500 sculptures below the ocean’s surface was just not for mere entertainment but to protect the endangered Mesoamerican Reef (which is also the second largest barrier reef in the world) and to divert snorkelers and divers to MUSA. The models are covered with marine grade cement and also promote coral growth.

Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts

All the art depicted here is so bad that you definitely won’t even think of putting something on your wall from this museum. You might even think that your four-year old could do much better in creating art. But still, the museum is found across three locations in Somerville and Brookline depicting the very bad taste that is about in these cities. The art here full of lacklustre landscapes and psychotic surrealism. After a trip to this museum, you’ll definitely run for a bona fide art gallery which cannot help in looking much good in comparison.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

Failed and broken relationships are something that many want to quickly forget and never want to see or think about them again. But this museum does the exact opposite and shares the collective misery of love gone wrong. It includes a collection of items that depict romantic memories gone way too sour and also includes video confessions of some people. It also exhibits an axe that a woman used to dismantle her ex’s furniture when she freaked out. Wonder how people manage to get entertained out of other’s painful events in life. Pure schadenfreude! But still, there’s a museum for that.