Best Cultural Festivals of India That Make Perfect Getaways


India is known the world over as a spiritual and cultural destination. It has numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year that reflect its unique way of celebrating the victory of good over evil while some events reflect the various traditions across its regions.

The abounding traditions all over the nation tell us that the people here always love to dance and sing with awe and excitement to celebrate its customs and traditions. Here are some of the best cultural festivals in India.

Ladakh Festival

This festival is celebrated during the summer months and is held for over a week and highlights the sports and culture of the region. Ritual dancing, a wide display of handicrafts, and sports events including archery and polo make this a never-to-miss event in the country. Then there is the exhibition of thanga in which a very rare type of embroidery paintings on silk are displayed which makes an exceptional sight for the visitors. Treks and water expeditions are something that you’d never want to miss during this event.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

This arts festival that typically begins on the first Saturday of February and comes to an end on the last Sunday of the month. The festival first began in 1999 and has become famous ever since attracting more crowds every year from all over the world. The festival aims at brining awareness about the art in this region. There are cultural performances together with theatre events and not the mention the mouth-watering food stalls. Kid’s events heritage walks and film screenings make this annual even more lively.

Prithvi Theatre Festival

Started by one of Bollywood’s most popular actors and beginning in the first week of November, this arts festival is a great event that reflects the finest performing arts while promoting and nurturing the most impressive talent. One of the best features of this art festival is the Fringe Theatre where theatre artists perform experimental acts in front of a small audience. There is also a Stage Talk event where some of the actors talk about their interesting experiences.

Hornbill Festival

This festival that is unique to Nagaland is a premiere cultural event and is initiated by the Indian government to boost the cultural heritage of the state while also promoting interaction between different tribes. All the 16 major tribes of Nagaland take part in this cultural event which takes place in the Naga Heritage Village which lies at a distance of ten kilometres from the state capital Kohima. The festival is full of major food events and displays from the crafts markets together with local art including paintings, carvings and sculptures.

Khajuraho Dance Festival

This is the place to go if you want to see Indian dance at its best. The event is organised inside the 1,000 year-old temples of Khajuraho with the finest backdrop of ancient art. It is week-long festival that happens every year in the month of February. As the Sun sets, the temples are illuminated in golden lights setting the show to display vibrant events that reflect the past. The sounds and rhythms of the musical instruments are echoed in tune with the beats of the movements making the festival a must-visit event for any performance art enthusiast.