Unable to Use His Hands, Ludhiana’s Kamaljit Finds his Feet in English Medium School


A 11-year old kid, Kamaljit Singh was born with a congenital disease that rendered him unable to use his hands, till recently studied at a Govt. primary school has become an example of inspiration.

He decided to make the most out of thing by writing with his right foot. Impressed with his skill and will to study an ICSE affiliated, Golden Earth Convent School, Pandori village, Mullanpur, adopted him and his friend sunny who helped him all these years. Singh says, “My friend Sunny is very helpful. His support motivates me. His assistance in chores like taking books out of the school bag, to make me hold pen and have my food is invaluable.” Both Kamaljit and Sunny got admitted into 6th class.

Kamaljit’s father is a welder who earns a meagre Rs.7000 pm and mother is a homemaker. His family could not afford for his operation. That’s when an NGO, Navchetna Bal Bhalai Committee, adopted him in March and helping him for his treatment. With so many difficulties Kamaljit never gave up on his life. He made the best use of his feet. Initially, he struggled and failed many times but always tried harder and practised writing with his right foot for almost 3 years and today his handwriting is beautiful and beats his peers who struggle to round their Ps and Qs and dot their Is.

He is ready to give annual examination of 5th class, owing to his brilliance, he is expected to fly out with colours. To make Singh more comfortable, principal shifted his classroom near to the washroom for easy access and also he was given a special seat so that he can write easily with his foot.

Kamaljit said, “I am glad that this English medium school adopted me and my friend Sunny. We will study in the same class. I am thankful to the school for providing books, uniform and free transportation facility for both of us.”

The principal said, “I got to know about Kamaljit Singh from a video on YouTube last week. I was inspired by his dedication to studies. I sent two teachers to his school. They said that he is a meritorious student and has a beautiful handwriting. We contacted his family to adopt him.”