Meet Shraddha Bhansali, 25-Year-Old Restaurateur & Clean Eating Advocate


Shraddha Bhansali, founder of Candy & Green, an ingredient-centric clean-eating vegetarian all-day restaurant and bar in Mumbai that she started in 2017. Her experiences in the villages of China and Iceland, relishing their vegetarian cuisine, have shaped the idea of Candy & Green. She was recognized by Forbes for successfully achieving her dream and featured her in the Forbes India 30 under 30- 2018 list.

After her schooling, Shraddha went to the US for further education. She pursued her graduation in Hospitality and Business Management from Boston University during the years 2010-2014. She returned to India and started working in a five-star hotel. However, she had a dream of starting her own business, and she expressed this desire to her parents. 

The local surge in veganism fascinated her, while she was pursuing hospitality and business at Boston University. After meeting an urban farmer in Mumbai she got an idea of a rooftop farm and leased a 400-sq ft terrace plot Breach Candy where her staff grows microgreens like peppermint and Thailand grass. 

She started her dream with money from her family, the restaurant decides on the menu based on seasonal ingredients, and after tasting sessions with insiders and industry experts. Candy & Green isn’t as much about healthy food as it is about clean eating. It focuses on excellent customer hospitality and serves clean and healthy vegan food. The best part is that they grow their own herbs on the roof, enabling them to offer a seasonal menu.

The ingredients are grown organically and in controlled environments to ensure a pest and weed-free greenhouse. They have a contract with an urban farmer, Priyanka Shah from iKheti, who checks the health of the produce every week.

Shraddha Bhansali said, “being featured in the Forbes list is a huge honour and it’s also so humbling to be included in a list with such great talent. As an entrepreneur, no matter how well you’re doing you always question the direction that you are taking, so this is good validation. This is definitely something off my bucket list and something I will always cherish, but in no way do I think I have made it I have such a long way to go.

Shraddha Bhansali, an innovative entrepreneur is an inspiration, as she has set a precedent for all of us.