New Original Shows Coming to Netflix in June 2018


Netflix has earlier said that it is spending billions of dollars on movies and shows in this year. Apart from the regular TV shows on Netflix that have been captivating the viewers, Netflix is also offering movies this season.

It all shows that the dams of entertainment are going to burst right on you and immerse with all the suspense and thrill that you always wanted to experience. Here are some of the best shows that are scheduled to air this June on Netflix.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye Season 2 is another run for the feel-good TV series but with a twist including a new setting and the Fab Five trading inside the concrete jungle of the New York City. The series cleverly handles a number of social issues that are challenging with all the sincerity and thoughtfulness that you can ever imagine. Scheduled to premiere on June 15, the series is expected to have all the unexpected surprises.


It is the time to relax as the wait for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will be finally over on June 29. Though many of the viewers were sceptical about watching this show focusing on the women’s wrestling throwback of the 80’s, they quickly fell in love with the punches and were knocked out sooner than they expected. Watching this show will certainly make you think why women’s wrestling is such a captivating entertainment after all.

Dear White People

If you ever watched the movie, you’ll surely be thrilled to see how this show manages to capture all the uniqueness and the way it retells the story of the film. The show is all about the lives of coloured people at a university that is dominantly white. While the show is very funny as it goes on, it also makes you think about the conditions faced by the coloured people looking for some thoughtfulness in the media.

Lost In Space

This is one of the series with the highest production cost and should be on your must-watch list for the year. After all, you are all paying money for Netflix and there is particularly no harm in making things straight by watching such expensive series. The series is actually a reboot of the story about a family of space colonists from 1965. It offers a perfect setting for the lazy summer days and is also filled with fun to entertain you. You’ll surely agree that the series had the budget it deserved.

The Standups

This is especially for the lovers of comedy. You’ll agree that Netflix never comes short of coming of age comedy shows for the teenagers after watching this – or that is what everyone is boasting about the show. It’s a series of half-hour shows focusing on upcoming comics and offers a best way to enjoy comedy at its best with the new comics. As they are all perfectly timed for just thirty minutes, you’ll not find the show boring.