Venom Movie Review


Release Date  : 05/10/2018

Genre              : Action, Sci-Fi

Cast                 : Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate

Director          : Ruben Fleischer

Duration         : 2 hrs 20 mins

Language        : English

Eddie Brock, a journalist, stumbles upon a story that lands him in big trouble, and he becomes the host to an alien Symbiote, which in turn gives him unimaginable powers. Bringing Marvel’s one of the most enigmatic, complex, and badass characters to the big screen as Tom Hardy plays the role of the lethal protector, Venom. Sony has turned to its trove of Spider-Man-related character rights and found Venom, a Spider-Man archenemy that’s as popular as he is fearsome.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is an intrepid journalist, who doesn’t know when to hold back, and this costs him dearly when he loses his job and more. His mistake? Taking on Carlton Drake – a businessman who considers himself to be a visionary, albeit with sketchy morals. Not to be outdone, Brock tries to probe into Drake’s shady activities when he encounters a mind-reading extra-terrestrial being that fuses with him giving him extraordinary powers. Brock is now left to choose how he uses his newfound abilities.

Hardy has handled roles that require him to juggle between personas, and he demonstrates all his prior experience here. Venom refers to a character created by the bond between a human and an alien Symbiote, which is both a symbiote, an organism that forges a relationship with another organism to reap benefits. As with any mismatched movie pair, Brock and Venom eventually find a common understanding. Definitely, the strongest point within the movie and was eager for more! Check this movie out in the theatres near you.