Phamous Movie Review

  • Release Date  : 01/06/2018
  • Genre              : Crime, Drama, Romance
  • Cast                 : Jimmy Shergill, Jackie Shroff, Shriya Saran, Kay Kay Menon Mahie Gill, Pankaj Tripathi
  • Director          : Karan Butani
  • Duration         : 1 hour 54 mins
  • Language        : Hindi


Phamous is the story of love in Chambal, amongst the clash of power and the roar of guns. Chambal has stood for the Wild Wild West in India. The movie attempts to explore the tragedy of a region caught in an endless cycle of violence and retribution. Motivated by the modus operandi of how to become “phamous” to be or not to be is a choice or dilemma for Radhe (Jimmy Sheirgill), a simpleton living in the Chambal Valley.

The movie has too many strands woven into the plot. Jimmy Sheirgill has always idolized the local dhakad, Chambal term for a strongman played by Kay Kay. there is a long drawn revenge saga involving Kay Kay and Jackie Shroff. Then, Pankaj Tripathi’s character is shown to be more interested in raping women than in politics. On top of it all, there is Shriya Saran’s track of being unwillingly married to Jimmy. Shoddy editing and screenplay are at fault here. The director has used local dialect but the actors haven’t really been able to keep pace and it kind of comes and goes.

The lead actors Kay Kay, Pankaj Tripathi and Jimmy Sheirgill walk through their roles. Mahie Gill and Shriya Saran hardly have any scenes. The writing definitely lacks depth and finesse. The dialogues, spoken in the local dialect, have stray gems that spurt out at unexpected moments. Each scene is good, but in silos, disconnected with the next. Overall, the movie gives you a feel of a B-grade potboiler of the 1980s.