Neevevaro Movie Review


Release Date  : 24/08/2018

Genre              : Action, Thriller

Cast                 : Aadhi, Taapsee Pannu, Ritika Singh, Vennela Kishore

Director           : Hari Nath

Duration          : 2 hrs 02 mins

Language        : Telugu

It has indeed become a norm in Telugu films to portray the specially abled-lot beyond objects of sympathy. In Neevevaro, we have a leading protagonist Kalyan (Aadi Pinisetty) who’s visually challenged, is a chef who’s romped home many an award, can do his fair bit of action with the goons and his parents too don’t see his disability as a curse. Neevevaro has an interesting premise involving a mix of crime, romance and thriller elements backed by a reasonably efficient cast.

Kalyan, a visually challenged chef who runs his own restaurant, is a man who sees life beyond his disability. He’s ably supported by his family and friends and just when the going seems smooth, he also looks set to marry his childhood interest (Anu played by Ritika Singh). But a girl Vennela  (Taapsee) enters Kalyan’s life, there are sparks, the two realize they’re soul-mates and his world turns tipsy-topsy overnight after her mysterious disappearance. Will Kalyan be able to track down Pallavi? and what is the actual twist behind this story? The answers to these questions form the main plot of the film.

Aadi and Vennela Kishore share good on-screen camaraderie. The role of Saptagiri as a true patriot with a stroke of humour, the satires that Vennela Kishore pulls off on Taapsee. Though it’s Aadi who steers this plot, it’s Taapsee who steals the final moment of glory. On the whole, Neevevaro is a typical suspense drama that banks on an ensemble star cast and a slick technical team. The movie isn’t a lazy film by any means, just that the proceedings could have been better than a one-time watch.