Hereditary Movie Review

  • Release Date  : 21/06/2018
  • Genre              : Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Cast                   : Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne, Toni Collette, Milly Shapario
  • Director          : Ari Aster
  • Duration         : 2 hrs 07 min
  • Language        : English

Horror, as a genre, has been gaining a lot more popularity in the recent times. With Get Out and A Quiet Place, this genre is churning out content that is on par with the other Oscar-worthy movies. Now its Hereditary’s turn. The movie’s trailer has successfully excited many fans. The film also tries to intensify the terror using several horror movie tropes. It is a movie about how a person’s sins are transmitted, like a disease, onto their children.

The story is about a miniaturist artist Annie Graham (Toni Collette) has a troubled relationship with her mother Ellen who was a highly secretive person. Annie’s relationship with her weary husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and children Peter (Alex Wolff) and Charlie (Milly Shapiro) is no better. Toni Collette’s torment is visible as her behavior oscillates between grief and panic constantly throughout the movie. Hereditary’s central ideas include the difficulty of letting go of your past and the possibility of inheriting trauma.

Ari effectively creates an eerie atmosphere that is further accentuated by a blood-curdling soundtrack by Colin Stetson. The movie provides a new kind of horror while being deeply rooted in the genre movies of the past. Hardcore horror fans must not miss this one because only you will enjoy the experience of unease and distress that the film delivers. If you are looking to truly and completely get scared, ‘Hereditary’ will ensure that happens in the best and most unexpected way possible. Definitely watch it.