FryDay Movie Review


Release Date  : 12/10/2018

Genre              : Comedy

Cast                   : Govinda, Varun Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Sharma

Director          : Abishek Dogra

Duration         : 1 hrs 54 mins

Language        : Hindi

The FryDay trailer had Govinda back in his element but the two-minute-thirty-second clip is just a glimpse of the laugh riot that ensues in the film. Writers Rajeev Kaul and Manu Rishi Chadha set this story in Delhi. This FryDay marks the return of the entertainer number one, in all his 1990s glory. He throws his entire body into the comedy – jiggling, wriggling and contorting his face while delivering the modicum of entertainment and laughs scattered through director Abhishek Dogra’s sit-com.

The film follows the life of a water purifier salesman Rajiv Chabbra (Varun Sharma), who works with Pavitra Pani Purifier. Rajeev has not sold even a single water purifier due to his incompetence and his boss has finally had enough of him. He is warned that if he does not sell a water purifier by the coming Friday, he will lose his job. This makes Rajiv go in search of a potential client who would help him keep his job. He finally finds one in an NGO worker named Bella Kapoor (Prabhleen Sandhu) and convinces her to set up a purifier at her house on Friday. When Rajeev lands up at Bella’s residence, he meets Gagan Kapoor (Govinda), who is reluctant to give Rajeev entry into his house.

In his classic style, Govinda steals the limelight in the film. He, along with actor Varun Sharma of Fukrey fame, are exceptional in a few scenes together. If you are a true Govinda fan and missed watching him on the big screen, then nothing should stop you from heading to the theatres. It is a comedy that takes you back to the golden age of Chichi Bhaiya.