5 Best Netflix Original Sci-Fi Shows


Most of the Netflix Sci-Fi shows reflect on the impact of technology in transforming the societies. Even while they are fictional, they offer stories packed with danger and suspense and reflect the survival struggles of different people. Here are some of the best Sci-Fi series from Netflix.

It’s the time of web series. We are in such an era of technology that our entire daily routine is mostly dependent on advanced technology. The same is with watching our favourite shows on TV and other devices. Some time ago, it might feel exaggerated if anyone said that they will be able to watch a web series after some years via technology wherever they wanted to. But now, it is very common. In this time of web series, there are some web channels that are very famous like Netflix, Hulu, HBONow, Vevo and others that are offering different series for their viewers. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best web series related to the Sci-fi genre from Netflix.

Black Mirror

The four seasons of Black Mirror have already been aired. Now is the time for season five which will also stream soon. Black Mirror is all about basic human problems which are solved with the help of technology. The first season’s theme was Techno-Paranoia, and the 2nd season was based on Dream Sequence. The 3rd season is all about people who face the unease with the technology from which they wouldn’t escape, with the perfect combination of horror, romance and politics. How much extent you go for your love with the help of technology is the subject of season 4.

Jessica Jones

It is a story of a former superhero who opens her detective agency and subjects of cases are dark like abuse, assault and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Both the seasons have a perfect essence of suspense with a shine of super-powers of superheroes.

Stranger Things

The name of the series itself raises the curiosity because the stranger things might be mysterious for humans in normal. The story of Stranger Things roams around two boys who suddenly disappear. This series is a perfect blend of mystery and horror.


Time Travel is the subject of ‘Dark’ series. The beginning of the story is somewhat like that of Stranger Things and again starts with the disappearance of a boy. It is one of the best sci-fi mystery based series, which take you to the tour of past, present and future.

Altered Carbon

It is a computer nerd’s story which depicts sci-fi future of urban societies conquered by computer technology. It takes you on to the journey of the 26th century where they deal with “Death” with the help of bio-technology of ‘cortical stack’ which is installed at the time of birth in humans. It is a story of clones and ‘sleeves’ to beat the ‘death’.

To know more about the series, you must watch it because these are the best series of Netflix from the Science-Fiction genre.