Best Tracking and Safety Gadgets for Kids


Kids’ safety gadgets give you some extra peace of mind regarding their care and safety. But finding the right kind of safety gadgets for kids is somewhat challenging as kids tend to be unaware of their limitations more often.

When you are looking for safety gadgets that are especially kids-centric, you need to be sure what it will deliver. Here, we’ve compiled a list of best baby tracking devices.

Gizmo Gadget

This gadget is a combination of a phone and watch which is perfectly designed for kids. As they are more addicted to smart phones and games, kids will really like wearing this gadget. Your kids will be able to send and receive call and messages and through this wearable gadget which also includes GPS capabilities so that you can pinpoint your tiny wanderers.

Trax Play

The Trax Play is a good option for parents who don’t want to give a cell phone to their kids but want to keep a track on their movement. The device can be easily clipped to kids’ clothing and will allow the parents to track their kids in real time. The devices’ app lets parents to exactly pinpoint their kids’ location on a satellite map.

The Tinitell

This wearable gadget is a combination of a phone and a GPS tracker and helps the kids and parents to stay connected through voice prompts instead of screen prompts. It also allow the kids to make or receive calls from 12 numbers that are pre-set by the parents. All the kids need to do is to scroll down the voice labels to make calls. This too, is accompanied by an app to track their kids through GPS.

Angle Sense

Parents of a special-needs child know better how much challenging staying with their child’s boundaries can be. They can event trust their child to hold on to the clip-on devices or smart watches. Angle Sense comes as a rescue for them as it allows the parents to easily track their kid. It comes with a special locking clip to securely attach to their clothes and automatically answers calls without the having the need to press any buttons. It also comes with a listening feature that enables the parents to listen to the kid’s surroundings.

Joey Tag

This is a Bluetooth-enable device which alarms the parents every time their kid crosses a pre-set boundary. It is important to mention that this tracking device was developed by a father and daughter together after they got separated at an amusement park. It also comes with a panic button which the kids can press to caution their parents when they feel threatened.