Cool Gadgets That Could Come Handy for Seniors in Your Home.


Anyone who has parents staying at home will surely know that keeping seniors safe and connected at the home while they are away is a challenging task. They are also of the opinion that people with a few more decades under their belt do better without any gadgets as they might find it difficult to handle them.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of gadgets for seniors which are good at helping families with elders. So here are some of the electronics for seniors and other technology inventions that families with seniors should check out.

Rrimin Portable Electric Alarm Pill Box

This is basically a medical organiser, medicine storage and reminder box which is made of food grade Polypropylene. The box includes an electronic component for the alarm which reminds the seniors about the time to take their pills. The material is protects the box contents against toxicities and odour and comes with 5 sets of reminder alarms for the day.

Solo LED Magnifying Glass

Elder people generally have trouble reading fine prints due to conditions like Glaucoma and other difficulties. This magnifying glass from Solo is equipped with and LED light and is capable of magnifying the print to 3 times. It also comes with in-build fluorescent LED lights that help seniors to read such fine print even in pitch dark.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Forgetting things is another major problem with seniors and they always seem to be misplacing their keys or wallets. If you are looking for an aid against forgetfulness, you might be better looking for the Tile Mate tracker. This device is so slender that it can be easily slipped into a wallet and attached to a keychain like car or house keys. It comes with an accompanying app that will lead you right to the item you have just lost and looking for.

Video Monitor Surveillance

When it comes to keep a tab on elderly people, especially patients, nothing beats a good Wi-Fi enabled video monitoring and surveillance system. As most of these can be controlled with the help of an Android or iPhone app, they can be connected to the home security systems for an immediate alert on any unwanted movements as they are equipped with voice and motion sensors. They also secure live videos better than cameras making it possible for the caretakers to immediately respond to any alerts.a