Best Hair Oils For Different Hair Types


Women all over the world use many natural oils to treat various hair problems and enhance the beauty of their mane. These natural oils such as coconut, almond, castor, avocado and olive are filled with chock-full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that benefit your hair.

Dry, frizzy hair, split ends and an itchy scalp are only the tip of the iceberg! Single oil does not fit all the hair types. Here are some of the best hair oils for different hair types.

Coconut Oil (Hair Type: Medium to Coarse Hair)

Coconut oil is rich in laurice acid and medium-chain fatty acids. One of the best oils for a deep conditioning treatment as it penetrates the hair shaft and works to strengthen the strands adding softness and lustre. It helps to prevent breakage and split ends. This oil even fights against scalp problems such as lice, insect bites and dandruff.

Almond Oil (Hair Type: Medium to Fine Hair)

The high vitamin E content and other valuable nutrients found in almond oil are particularly helpful for conditioning the hair. This oil is not very heavy and it gently nourishes brittle and dry hair, giving it sheen and strength without making your scalp too greasy.

Castor Oil (Hair Type: Thick, Frizzy Hair)

This oil is a rich source of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids and helps soften, smoothen and add shine to the hair. For those with thick, frizzy hair, the dense castor oil can work wonders. As it is a humectant, it draws in moisture from the air and seals it into the hair shaft.

Avocado Oil (Hair Type: Medium to Coarse Hair)

Known for its numerous health benefits this super food, in its oil form, also works favourably on hair. Rich in vitamin E, potassium and lecithin, the scalp easily absorbs this oil. It thus promotes better hair growth and also, nourished shiny hair. Avocado oil also effectively treats dandruff, which is a common hairmare.

Olive Oil (Hair Type: Thick to Medium Dry Hair)

A staple in most kitchens these days, owing to its health benefits, olive oil has medium consistency and works well on thick to medium dry hair. Heavily treated hair that’s been exposed to relaxers, perms, excessive colouring, etc. can especially benefit from this oil’s moisturizing properties.